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  1. There are specific ‘love’ and connection chemicals that get released when you have sex. So you can sometimes force yourself to fall for someone by having sex… that sounds like an utterly terrible idea. If you don’t have an emotional connection then there isn’t much future. Even if the sex is amazing, it isn’t sustainable and usually why people choose to casually dating in those situations.

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  3. Totally agree! This is a wake-up call for me to assess what those boundaries are for me. I'll likely just say it straight, got a really sweet dm that's helped me frame it

  4. I’m not sure who you’re getting “advice” from, but anyone who’s told you “just give her a baby” is a fucking moron to keep it nice.

    Big relationship steps should happen when both parties genuinely want them to and when they make sense. Clearly, having children is off the table (today). If you’re not ready, then you shouldn’t do it. It’s literally that simple.

    Where I question things is the fact that you’ve been together five years and you’re not married. With no other context, that’s not an issue at all. In context, you need to tell us what’s going on in your relationship.

  5. i'm worried on what i should say to his mom and family so that they understand my decision

    Don't approach them. If you need to say anything say “X and I are not dating anymore and I cannot be in touch with him or you. Please don't contact me again”.

  6. She cheated on you, has no remorse for her actions, and goes as far to say if you weren’t there she would have done more.

    So end it before she goes all the way, if she hasn’t already.

  7. So instead of enjoying a thing she used to do with her mom, she had to tend to your emotional breakdown AND you don’t need therapy??

    That alone is enough evidence that you need to get back into therapy, my man.

  8. I think this is therapy territory now or things will get worse as time goes on. He is acting from a place of avoidance and fear. He clearly has trauma and it is affecting his decision making process. I come from neglectful and abusive home so I understand how these things impact us as we move through life.

    Stick to your guns. I gave up my job when I got married and had our first. 17 years on I am single after a very abusive relationship, have been unemployed all this time and in intensive therapy. I wish I had not given up my autonomy and dreams. I am clawing my way back but it is damn naked.


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