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  1. Hello, woman here. Sometimes when you’re having sex with someone, there’s a mental block. Youre not so in your head like you are when you’re masterbating. The sex feels good, maybe even great, but you have a significantly harder time reaching climax if at all. A lot of women I’ve known have this issue. Stereotypically women have sexual partners where the end of sex is determined by if the man came, not the women, and if the women don’t cum then oh well that’s a little expected (but unspoken). I think the only reason this post stands out is because it’s from a man. If it was from a woman all the comments would be about the man under performing or not knowing your body and what you really like/need. But the reality is that sometimes your body won’t cooperate. And it’s embarrassing. And it’s even hurtful to your partner when you genuinely don’t mean it in any negative way at all. You just have to branch out and try new things until you get there. If you can. And if you can’t, at least make sure your partner knows you love them and that you find them very attractive. Hope that helped at all.

  2. Thank you. This isn’t the first time he’s blamed me for something, I do a lot of house work and take care of the kids while he just gets home from work and sits on his games. I’m tired recently my daughter hasn’t been wanting to sleep and I have to stay up with her until like 5am and wake up 3 hours later to take for her because her father just sleeps all night and doesn’t have a care in the world when he wakes up and act like nothing happened, I get no sleep, he’s never considerate that I want to sleep early for once and he takes care of her. I get blamed by him for a lot of things. I do so much but the minute I sit down and look at my phone, I get questioned that I don’t do anyone but be on my phone.

  3. Well, sometimes she prepares for us breakfast, it is nice. And actually just the night before women's day she asked if I want her to prepare a soup as I didn't have energy and time for cooking. So yes, sometimes she does things. But not to same extent of course. But yeah, quite rarely, I remember on first Christmas of ours I prepared her a special Christmas calendar myself, full of surprises inside. And she prepared a calendar for me too. That was touching and beautiful. But no, she is not super active giver..generally not too hot working person at all. Doesn't like to work but likes to on-line more expensive lifestyle. I would be more OK with that if then there was peace and good feelings at home but this emotional stuff has affected bit just my health but also my ability to work successfully so it's not really helping to change things to better

  4. First of all boy scouts don't have monthly weekend camping trips.

    At most people are not going to be cool with their partner going away camping %25 of the weekend's a year


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