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  1. No, I said it correctly. A GIRL. That’s not a woman yet. A 23 year old doesn’t know much of anything. Are you attracting them or are you offering to go on dates and pay for everything. I’m surprised she even slept with you at all but like you said she’s an escort. She sees a $ when she sees you. Don’t hurt your own feelings

  2. Well it was my first like relationship where I was made to feel safe even when I didn’t so like I had a thing for a bit where I kept going for felons with drug addictions either in recovery or in active addiction this guy has no record no drug problems no baby mamas treated me with respect and just made me feel good

  3. If you're interested in saving the relationship inject yourself into the next outing, if he refuses use it as the proof you need to serve the papers guilt free. Hopefully he relents and you find its just an introvert bungling through being a wingman for the first time or something.

  4. Very hot to say. But what is clear is that the ball's in her court and you can't text her again unless she texts you first. It's an unfortunate situation that often women feel they can't just let a guy down easy, because far too many will lash out at them (sometimes with physical violence). You've said your piece, you've expressed your interest, now just sit back. You're under no obligation to wait for her to get back to you. Just don't press the issue with her.

  5. Perfectly reasonable timeline. Not sure why it bothers your friend, what you're doing is very very normal. I don't see the hurry if he's right, he's right.

  6. Age gaps can definitely work but it does take some time to adjust, deal with insecurity issues, etc from it. Give her time, continue on how you are. It may be it does turn out to be a deal breaker for her. Or she may realize that it doesn't matter at all and it's worth it and any talk yall get because of it. Took a while for my SO to get over it. He's 16 years older than me and it bothered him a lot. Didn't bother me though and we just went about it until he was comfortable with it.

  7. There really isn't anything to worry about. It's fine if it takes some time for you to get used to it. As long as he is willing to wait, you can take the time you need.

    I guess you could open up more to your bf and try to find ways to higher your confidence. You could try putting some nice clothes that compliment your body shape. Try out new makeup styles. Talk to therapist. Try to see if shaving could have any positive effects.

    Also if you have let him finger you or do something a bit intimate. You could try to slowly move to the next level. Just make sure to never force yourself


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