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  1. What your boyfriend is doing to you is NOT normal and not okay.

    You are not being over emotional.

    You need to take some time away from him and stay with someone you trust who cares about you like a friend or family member.

    If you want to continue a relationship with him, then you need to get yourselves to therapy and explain what is going on and NOT move back in with him until he understands that his behavior is emotional and psychological abuse.

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  3. There's sooooo much room between the labels of “straight” and “gay”. It's totally okay if you only have feelings and attraction for this one guy and usually only want to date women otherwise. It doesn't mean that you're gay, but it does mean that you aren't straight. And if you're comfortable with the fact that you are not straight, it will be easier to do some research and figure out what labels and what communities fit with you best.

    It sounds like your friend is also just as attracted to you. So, if you have enough feelings that you would ask him out if his gender was different, but then can easily ignore his gender when having sex, it sounds like the only roadblock is worrying about what the rest of society thinks. You love each other and are attracted to each other which is a fantastic base for taking the relationship in a new direction.

    I know how nude it is living in a very conservative and homophobic community, that definitely hindered my self understanding growing up too. I feel for you in this situation, and I wish you the best of luck.

  4. It doesn’t sound like a loss. She wants to move her way through this world manipulating and relying on people and not by helping herself. That’s not the kind of friend you need because she doesn’t appreciate, she just expects, with her hands out.

  5. we reluctantly decided to be friends

    His behavior is annoying but I'm not sure what you're confused about. He still has feelings for you and doesn't know how to deal with them in a healthy or mature way. You need some space from each other.

  6. Also, 24 is EXTREMELY young. It’s possible at 24 you have never seen death up close before. Most 24 year olds are not ready for marriage or to handle health crises in their own. At 24, when I had something as relatively minor as a gallbladder surgery, I immediately relied on my parents.

    Being told at 24 that you are going to marry to someone who maybe doesn’t have 24 years left and much of it will be spent suffering, while you have to be their caretaker WHILE your own parents are withdrawing their support from you… that is a lot to handle.

    Peole in this thread, including OP to an extent, are being cruel to the gf.

  7. There is a prevailing idea that adoption in the US is incredibly expensive and time consuming, but getting a daughter from China is just a one day in-and-out kind of affair. So perhaps the man just thinks it would be as simple as flying to China, picking up an orphan and flying back. No one will know for sure though unless OP just talks to him and really gets to the bottom of it.

    Or homeboy is a white savior. Idk lol

  8. Seriously, find your self-worth and self-respect and dump his cheating ass already. Also block him and her. Why do you let them do this to you???

  9. Did I miss the part where she’d demanded to be put on the lease? Or did we not read the same post in which she specified she’d agreed to share the cost of utilities, groceries, repairs and property taxes and her bf simply wanted an extra $500 on the top to make it ‘market rate’?

  10. It's definitely emotional cheating – he knew it was wrong, and this was obvious with all the lies/omissions about what he was doing.

    I think at this point, the future of your relationship with him hinges on trust – will you be able to trust him completely? Will you always have some nagging doubts and suspicions that he'll be hiding something from you?

    It might take some time to process these feelings, but know that if you have these doubts, it will continue to cause issues in the relationship and it will make you unhappy.

  11. yeah i definitely feel your frustration there. just keep looking mama, save as much as you can while you’re still there. it will be worth it (and probably easier) to be a single mom and not have to deal with a man child.


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