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19 thoughts on “mili-moon

  1. Sorry for the late reply, just noticed in the app I was getting replies I wasn't aware of.

    What do you mean by “two smaller households”?

  2. It will show that his brother is not the father. Also there is chance he is cheating himself and is hardcore projecting.

  3. So what you're doing is leading this woman on. Even by getting into a “relationship” with her, you've given her hope. If you don't have romantic feelings towards her, tell her. You're going to lose your “best friend” over this, but frankly she's better off and if you care about her at all you'll stop giving her false hope.

    Then avoid getting into a “relationship” with anyone else.

  4. Nope! Just want he'd at home in private, relaxing and or listening to music. I don't think I've ever seen him do it in public?

  5. I'm not ignoring that fact. I'm acknowledging that if a relationship that ended 4 years ago still has a huge emotional affect on you, you should be healing.

    Amazing how this is controversial. It is difficult to control your emotions, so most settle for being controlled by them.

  6. She can still smell something. She's not mad, just annoyed that she can smell everything. Wanted to know what more I could do.

  7. Dude, what are you doing?

    You're 23, and you've only been dating for 4 months. Move on, find someone with the same moral leanings as yourself.

  8. Maybe she should tell the wife. But she’s only doing because he never chose. It has nothing to do with empathy for the wife or kids or family whose destruction she participated in.

    You’re a selfish woman, OP. Very sad.

    Tell the wife. Then go no contact. But you won’t.

  9. Late 20’s lesbian here, I have established roots in my local queer community, but that wasn’t something I had until my early 20’s. I promise as you get to spend more time in queer spaces and grow up into it a bit you’ll be in the know and have a much easier time navigating these situations.

    If you or your partners are intoxicated while you’re having sex, everyone should be in the know. Their use is their business, but when you’re involved in it you should be informed. It’s best for everyone’s safety, and is important for consent.

    If you’re ever unsure if a situation is okay, ask yourself if things are safe, people are of sound enough mind, and everything is consensual. If you can’t answer yes to those 3 things, something is not right.

    I don’t think you’re over reacting, this is a good thing to sit down with them about and let them know that you expect to be looped in when they’re taking drugs, and that you may not want to participate if they do (or, maybe you watch and offer support/ light participation if they want to continue). Consent needs to be freely given, and freely withdrawn.

    By the way, r/polyamory would be a great place to post this for advice from fellow non monogamous and polyam people. Hope to see you there!

  10. Definitely called flirting. Sending heart and kissy emojis back and forth with a client isn't normal. Id feel helle weird if my gym instructor started calling me sunshine no sir. OP tht is very sus dude.


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