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12 thoughts on “Sara Jay live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Dude wants a girlfriend/maid Clarify for him and if he continues to “misunderstand” cut this situation off.

  2. You can lose a lot of weight by dumping the boy 🙂 problem solved.

    Honestly, you deserve someone who won’t talk about your body like that. If he’s that upset over you “never changing”, he doesn’t deserve to be with you in the first place.

    Relationships are give and take, take and give- not give yourself so someone else can mould you into who they prefer you to be.

  3. It sounds like you need to tell your husband point blank, that he needs to tell her to stop. Obviously, right not right now because she is in the mental hospital. It sounds like that is the thing that needs to happen between you two.

    I know this is the last thing that you want to hear, but I think that you need to hear him talk about why he decided to do this and why it meant so much to him. I think you will be surprised that it is entirely about him and his sister and how he feels and how horrified he was with the possibility of this bad thing happening.

    I also think that your husband needs to stay away from her. He did not find her last time and he should find a way to stay out of This Woman's life. When he gets concerned, he should try to call someone who can take care of it for him. He has not talked to her very much and he is not the best person to know where she would be, so he really isn't as much use as this time showed. Basically, whenever he is concerned he can talk to someone who does know about her and begin to fade out better.

    To me, it sounds like this woman is distracting herself from her problems with sexual fantasies and fantasies of another life in order to avoid her own problems in that while she would take up the chance, she is such a complete dumpster fire that she doesn't have a chance in hell of actually courting anybody with more than enough brain cells to use logic and realize that themselves.

  4. But she's not you.

    You're making the classic mistake of thinking “put yourself in their shoes” means asking “what would I do in this situation”, vs it really means think in their mindset.

  5. I just read the title. I don't even felt like going through whole thing girl because it's clear he is trash. U need to dump him. He belongs in trash can.

  6. The asexual story kinda, to me, got blown out of the water by the hiding masturbating. But you are right, I wasn't given frequency of the “hiding” so it is an assumption an we can forget that.

    Her break down and admitting to “hiding ALL these years due to her family” would be the seal on her knowing her sexuality.

    So even if she loved him as a friend, that is unfair. He wants/wanted a romantic partner and he could have had that if she opened up to him earlier.

    Buy you have a point about needing a solution, blaming and pointing out wrongs won't help.

    So, I pointed out earlier that she said she “doesn't want him to leave.” What does she mean by that?

    I said it was because she is in a comfortable lifestyle. But thats where they need to have a discussion.

    Is she happy? Is she content? OP is happy even though he wishes he could get more intimacy.

    OP would be in pain if she was with someone else, would she be? Does she want OP for herself even with her sexuality? Do they never want to be apart and maybe open the relationship so they can have needs met? If they do open it does that mean OP gets no intimacy from her anymore?

    That talk is needed for them to move forward.

  7. Dude, she might be able to control that tell when she really concentrates on it. I'm sorry, but don't degrade yourself by falling back into old ways when this fully detonates.

  8. No just for the rest of his life- you will on-line another 25/30 years after he dies by average life span. Break up if you are not happy- his religious reawakening would be the end for me.

  9. You insulted his cat. And then you asked if you're perfect. You're lucky you got a seven tbh. These games sound exhausting also. Have you considered growing up?

  10. This is a – I don't appreciate being lied to. If I had known you were a teenager, I would not have begun dating you – moment.

    Not only did she lie, but she actively worked to keep it hidden from you.

    I'd be out. The only time I dated teenagers was when I was a teenager. Life experience is low and the years between a fully developed brain is high. But more importantly, the lying is huge no-go.

  11. Yea exactly! He gets very jealous when other guys talk to me and I don’t even entertain anyone. I don’t have any close male friends for him to see how I feel if the tables were turned .


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