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  1. I would love to see more flaws in my logic. But I didn't say a year. I said 6months. For a car that will basically only be used for school transport and the occasional park that's only a couple miles away.

    So how much would it actually depreciate by the time I'm trying to sell it in 5-6 months?

    Because as a ballpark guess. It wouldn't depreciate more than $600ish.

    So again. Losing $600 and debt for 2-4 years, vs putting ourselves in debt for 6-8 years and having payments that could hurt everything else we try to do?

  2. Rachel Green said it best ‘No uterus, no opinion’ I do not agree at all with a man having a say over what a woman does with her own body. And vice versa, women don’t get to tell men what to do with their body. I am pro choice. He isn’t pro choice at all!

  3. Try discussing things constructively, both of you against the problem, rather than shouting and accusing. This is stuff that ideally you figure out before marriage and certainly before adding the pressure and exhaustion of managing young children.

  4. They went on one date, guy got WAAAAAAY too overexcited and spooked her, she pulled back a little, he got mad, she pulled back a lot, now he's single again.

  5. She wanted to be “single” (and frankly was in her mind) so she could fuck other guys. Have some self respect and drop that piece of trash where it belongs.


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