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  1. I expected this as a comment. I wish it wasn’t true but it is. It always was a fear of mine and it’s true

  2. Pregnancy is like riding the Crazy Bullet Train. Keep your distance, check in with her about how she and the baby are doing even if it's just a text. Don't allow her to treat you like shit but realize this roller coaster isn't over. If she starts going off on you tell her “I'll talk to you later” and remove yourself. Check back in in an hour or so.

    Chances are she'll come crying back saying she's sorry and begging for forgiveness. Depending on how stubborn she is she might this might not happen till after baby is out.

    If she's having sever mood swings now it might be worth talking to her doctor about post partum depression and what it looks like and how you can best support her.

  3. You should just stop talking to him, he may have had feelings for you but it may have just been to get your trust to send nudes, he's using you for only that

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  5. Guys who intentionally date younger often do so either because they are intimidated by women their age (at best) / younger women are easier to manipulate (at worst or because they’re shallow.

    None of that bodes well for the future and frankly I wouldn’t stick around in this situation. There are so many amazing people in the world; why tie yourself down to this schmuck?

  6. In a few years you'll probably see this moment as a bullet dodged.

    ((hugs)) to you. I hope you have a great party and vacation!

  7. I wouldn't be nice after a “refusal”. That's bs and abusive. Cut contact, block numbers and socials, move on, and concentrate on yourself.

  8. That place must really smell funky… my eyes got watery just thinking about how it looks and I almost threw up a little in my mouth. Cat litter, dog smell and poop, bird poop etc etc smh

  9. Fer crying out loud! Mono can spread by shared utensils (like taking a drink from someone else's glass), passing a joint/vape or using someone's chapstick & while it's not typically considered airborne, it IS spread by saliva contact, so someone infected coughing nearby or even talking excitedly, spraying saliva, (gross but it happens) .

    It's not unusual for it to spread in dorms because of the tight quarters & so many shared spaces & surfaces. The virus can online for several hours outside the body, as long as the environment is moisture enough. Showers, carelessly washed dishes, doorknobs (we'd like to think we're doing better after what the last few years taught us, but we still cough & sneeze and then touch things).

    Intimate contact is a common way it spreads but definitely not the only way.

  10. Its true every action has a consequence. For me it was the other way around. I started out in the bachelor life then upon a particularly depressing day i realized i dont have anyone. Not besides my family. All my friends were only friends socially. If i needed something more from them they weren't going to help. All the girls i had didn't want me for anything more than a night. Even during that night there was no actual feeling behind anything. The sex itself became boring regardless of how experimental i went. Which ended up being a double edge sword since afterwards, after we finished, i just felt disgust. Its not a healthy lifestyle to online, its not a good idea to have multiple sex partners, just from a medical standpoint.

    I found my current gf a few year ago, i can now tell you with certainty that i wouldn't ever go back. Having someone that knows you, cares about you, wants the best for you, actually loves you its not the same. I can count on her. If something happened to me and i was in the hospital she would come. No matter the inconvenience to her. I can come to her with my troubles. If something is bothering me within the relationship i can go and tell her and we will find a compromise. You don't find people like that often.

  11. Bruh screw that noise. If she was sooo bad that you couldn’t spend time with your family then she needs therapy. Sounds like she also have more than just you as her support system. So you being gone for a few days should t be an issue. I’m going to tell you from experience. Family true family was there before her and will be there after her. Sounds like she is insecure and immature. What about your own mental health. She’s so wrapped up with her she’s not thinking about how exhausting it is dealing with someone else’s issues. I’m not saying you did nothing wrong I’m just saying that she needs to grow up. What keeps her from going with you?

  12. Honey, I didn’t read your thing, I’m sorry, but you are 20 and this is not your only shot! You will likely online to at least 80, that’s thousands of shots. Calm down ❤️

  13. Thanks, the framing around music is helpful. I can hear a song and think it’s nice but I wouldn’t know what to say about it necessarily.

  14. Bet she regrets not telling him beforehand more than the actual act. She really fucked up in assuming this would never get out.

  15. How are you almost 30 years old and calling somebody you’ve known for a week your girlfriend? That’s insane. I want to repeat that you both have known each other for a week. There’s no way that you have the type of relationship that you believe that you have.

    This thing about forgetting details she told you on your first date is a sign that both of you are incredibly immature and not at all ready to be in a functional relationship.

  16. I think red flag is way overused on Reddit. But this is one of the most glaring ?s I’ve ever seen.

  17. it sounds like you're super frustrated in the marriage right now. have you tried talking to her about some of these things that have been bothering you, like the lying, suspicion, and extreme fighting?

  18. I’m surprised u have to ask, as u can see she not only telling ur business. She has strangers lying to you abt Shit that don’t even concern them. She’s a chatter box. Create the space. Move on

  19. Screams insecure. This behavior is only learned because your bf is gullible enough to believe anything and everything some “Traditional” men tell him. He's afraid of not being manly, which is ridiculous.


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