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  1. You did nothing wrong, in any part of what you described you did nothing wrong.

    your feelings where real and budding, you gave it an honest shot and you got let down. it happens and sadly you kind of get used to it and you move on to the next potential relationship until you find the right one.

    She did nothing wrong as well, she had a crush on you and had feelings for a while, she build this idea up in her head of what dating you would be like and she was very happy when you finally said yes. After a time she probably realized the both of you where not a suitable as she thought. maybe there was something about her that didn't mesh well with you and she recognized it.

    you may be 26YO and ready for a familly and settling down but at 22 she is playing the field and learning what she wants in a partner.

    something great started, and sadly it ended through no fault of anyone. she didn't love bomb you, she had genuine affection for you but she was smart enough to see it wouldn't work. Honestly she is probably as crushed with this as you are, this fantasy she built in her head of you being the perfect guy for her and it didn't work out for what ever reason.

    Please don't be bitter, don't be angry or annoyed. dating is and will forever be a numbers game. it wasn't your number so learn from this, try to take away a positive lesson that you can take with you into the next relationship you attempt. Recognise that the begining of relationships are always intense and powerful and it takes time to really learn a person and see if that is the one you want. the smart ones can see within a few months that it won't work out. it's not worth getting bent out of shape and start hating all women over.

    best of luck with next time, everyone is worth loving. just keep doing you and work on yourself so the next time someone comes along you are your best version for them.

  2. Absolut not, I love others perspective but please listen to what I have to say as well not just to be able to give a quick reply and not really listening!

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  4. Yeah. She’s lying to you. She had agency. She was married & told him she had a crush. She had a full-blown affair. Honestly, she didn’t stop with making out & fingering. They had sex. No question. Sure, he was in a position of authority, but her completely shaved privates certainly indicate that she was a more-than-willing participant. I’m sorry.

  5. Info: You gloss over, likely intentionally, the text your girlfriend saw. What was the text about? Who was it from?

  6. OP is a troll. Don’t give them anymore attention. Read through their comments. I’m glad they are being downvoted but hope no one else wastes their time entertaining this bozo.

  7. You did mate. You're trying to control someone who has their own agency to make decisions. She's dodged a bullet there

  8. oh my gosh i am so sorry that is awful!! disgusting and sick that he would do that. You can NEVER trust him again. Please stay somewhere safe, the fact that he would do that to you is terrible. You should leave him as soon as u can please get out of there

  9. Maybe seek therpay together so you navigate either the fallout or a way where you can introduce your own interests and hobbies into the relationship to make it more balanced? Or just to come to terms and break the news that this is over.

  10. Well don't we all?! Thing is, when I'm hankering after something I budget for it and wait until I have enough money to do it, or I go without other minor luxuries for a while until I can afford it. My partner earns five times as much as me, I could ask him for money and he'd gladly give it, but I prefer to remain independent. Sounds like she wants to just mooch off of you.

  11. This is extremely wise advice right here.

    This episode is in the past. Let it stay in the past.

    Concentrate on the future and a new woman who is right for you.

  12. OK I’m gonna be really blunt with you here when somebody in a monogamous relationship wants to open up for threesomes. Usually the relationship is at its end. It doesn’t usually work out very well for either of them and long-term trust is broken. Boundaries are broken and somebody likes somebody better than the other. one on Reddit recently found out she was pregnant and they didn’t want to be with her. So the truth of the matter is this relationship is probably over and would be more conducive to your long-term happiness just leave it behind you heal from the situation and find somebody who really wants to be with you only you.

  13. Oooh it does, so does stress keep you from lasting longer. Including stress about cumming to fast ironically wil make cum faster.

    Try to relax and not worry to much about cumming to fast. A technique that helps me whenever i feel i wil cum to quick, is to focus on my breathing for a bit and then focus on the sex again and the enjoyment of it.

    Also having more sexs helps with lasting longer, so does exercise, (cardio in particular), a good diet and confidence.

  14. I don't use this often but this post stood out to me, but after reading it I was thinking DARVO.

    AND HE'S MANIPULATE AF. Source: I'm ashamed to say it so am I and it's like game recognize game

    (just to ease everyones mind, I'm working nude to stop acting manipulate but it's a progress)

  15. He know HIS kids names. Y’all aren’t even married why are kids and option. I don’t know how serious you guys are but just because he wants his kids named that dosent mean you have to birth them

  16. Ok I read it, again, calm down, and also any woman who won’t believe you when you are clearly telling the truth and is this insecure (so much so that she is toxic) doesn’t deserve your time.

  17. She was part of the planning at the end of year. The other trip can't be cancelled, the deadline for change has passed.

    The part of telling her to pay for it herself did happen and went extremely bad for me.

  18. Sounds like he’s not particularly committed to you.

    Bottom line is that you’re not happy with this arrangement, and he’s not willing to do anything differently to spend more time with you. He’s happy as-is.

    Your options are to be fine with the twice a week arrangement or move on to someone who’s more interested in spending time with you. You can’t make him change.

  19. He is Israeli so the country is democratic and he’s Jewish, but the law of marriage and taking a child abroad is pretty similar all over ME and Europe.


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