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  1. Do you ever think of yourself kissing him or holding his hand? I think you are attracted to him. You just don't want to see it. Are you afraid of how people will look at you 2 together? Wonder why you are with him?

  2. You can’t sleep with a married man if you don’t know they are married. If they’ve told you they are single then you’re just sleeping with a man. A lying man who is married. She did nothing wrong. Maybe you missed that part

  3. I moved on, no worries.. I have no trust in people anymore anyways.. Just gotta wait every second till my last breath

  4. Finding out your partner has being lying to you for most of your relationship would ruin your life, but I can see why you want to twist it around to make it seem like OP is acting morally

  5. You aren’t overreacting like she said. My ex did this when he wanted to manipulate me or when he wanted to appear single for someone else. Definitely a red flag.

  6. Broadly, reddit actually comes up with the overall right advice, to look out for the OP. Usually, with a HIGH lean on “they're cheating/abusive, leave.” So when that isn't happening, maybe you need to take a step back and think “why”.

    Thru hiking, is a selfish hobby and you need a very independent partner to have that hobby. Not another person who has sexual trauma. And NOT when you are in the middle of relationship problems.

    Wake up and smell the roses!

  7. You really need to find things of your own to get passionate with or involved in. It's not healthy to make him the center of your life with there being nothing else there. It's also a lot of pressure on him because he knows you're not doing anything for yourself and everything for him. Even if you're finding difficulty with making friends, finding your own hobby can still do wonders.

    Coming from someone who still hasn't found a real group of friends myself, I've picked up fashion and interior decorating as one of my things and it's a ton of fun! It doesn't have to be either if those things, but I seriously recommend finding something new to have of your own. Don't stand in the way of something new about yourself.

  8. THIS! This is why it’s not the best idea to marry the person that “looks good on paper” or simply because they’re someone your family would approve of. Now she expects him to be miserable for the rest of his life because their families would be disappointed if they divorced.

  9. None of this is your fault. None of it.

    They wanted to be outrageously selfish and not deal with any of the obvious consequences. That’s on them. Your husband is trying to justify his mistakes by trying to turn this around on you. I wouldn’t let him. If he can’t accept the results of his betrayals, it’s time to let him go. i don’t see a happy future with a person like that.

  10. Indeed, if he wants the rights he needs to take them. No need for you to make it easy for him. It could also be he didn't want to be a father anyway.

  11. What does it change if someone says this is or isn’t abuse?

    The fact is, he sounds like the kind of person you want to avoid. Don’t you think you deserve peace and happiness?

  12. I don’t normally jump right to leave them but holy shit your communication is in hell and you probably should not be with them. Do you fight like this a lot?


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