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  1. Aww no ? the harsh reality is, deceitful people usually prey on nice people like you. You’ve done nothing wrong, and it’s a naked pill to swallow but you will get over it in time. At least it was 7 months and not 7 years, and you didn’t have a child together or anything. You have a clean slate now, take advantage. I hope you feel better as the days go by ? breakups are never easy.

  2. Yeah 100% I WORKED WITH my boyfriend and he told me not to go to his work night out with our mutual colleagues/ friends. It was one of the first horrible things he did in a downward trajectory of nasty. You end to learning that it doesn't make sense, it doesn't make sense.

  3. my ex did the same. they're full of shit. i called his best friend so he'd have support, then called the cops, who gave him a stern talking to. both came back to me and said he was just trying to manipulate me. wasn't impressed with a grown adult acting like a petulant teen, and it just hardened my resolve to leave. take your share of the money, take your name off the accounts, block him (and her!) on everything, and move on to your best life. start making a list of things to do, and just work through it. keeping busy helps. I'm sorry you're experiencing this.

  4. there's nothing wrong with not wanting to be raw dogged and it's pretty concerning that the top comment is telling you that you need to be medicated for anxiety because of a very rational feeling you have.

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  6. Here’s the deal. You are married. There isn’t any “you pay her rent” or “you pay her bills”. Nope. You (plural, the both of you) pay your (plural, the both of you) rent/bills/etc. That’s what marriage is – a blending of households and finances.

    The entire point of marriage is to combine two people financially.

    So instead of bitching about how she doesn’t understand your stress at needing to pay for her, why don’t you sit down with her and discuss your (plural) financial situation and budget and determine a way to online within your (plural) means.

  7. Then yeah he is making it his domicile where that changes the conditions of the agreement. I don’t know if 50/50 is fair since you have the larger bedroom. Typically I’ve seen 60/40.

  8. Ah, the White Knight appears. I think you should assess your rescue of this damsel in distress. I'm just saying before you get too far down this path, you should think 10 years down the line if this relationship dosent last.

  9. So she told you what she wants, and you rather act like it isn't? You don't even believe she wants to swing and you say you trust her?

  10. Please do talk these decisions through with your therapist and take their suggestions to heart. You're young and you honestly don't need to be tying yourself into such chaotic relationships from the start. You can afford to take a breath and sort everything out within yourself and then go back on the dating market in a year or something. A lot of what you're describing to us is either extremely toxic behavior or just a sad relationship at best.

  11. it’s not about that, it’s about making it easy if the kid(s) one day want to make aliyah. hebrew school so they are more familiar with the culture, the rest so that they are already officially Jewish/have an easier time converting. with the heightening antisemitism everywhere, I don’t blame him for thinking about it, but he definitely should be more transparent about it

  12. If I'm understanding correctly, You're reacting the same way you did the first time he did this. The same way as when he was in agreement that these actions were too much and not okay. He knows that he's going too far but rather than admit this wants to put the blame on you and l continue.

    You told him what your boundaries on this were and he is now not just violating them but saying you're wrong for having them. I think it would be safe to say that he doesn't respect your boundaries and can't be trusted. As nude as it is to do, I'd move on.

  13. Yikes. This is no more than a thinly-veiled attempt to put his ability to get his mental health and life back on track 100% on you. So when he inevitably does not get back to looking for a job, eat a healthy meal, clean his house, change, etc.— it’s your fault. You weren’t gentle enough, didn’t encourage him correctly, you weren’t positive enough, and so on. He is aware and knows that his behavior is why you are frustrated and resentful. So rather than doing something about that, he is instead telling you his behavior is your fault because you aren’t encouraging enough.

    Mental health struggles are not his fault, but they are his responsibility— not yours. The only kind of support change that would be remotely reasonable is help getting a therapist. But this? Absolutely not.

  14. It’s bothering you because you take it as him acting like a single person, if I had to hazard a guess.

    It’s for singles. Ergo, his participation depends on him acting single. Whether that leads to intimacies with other participants or not is a secondary concern, but the real problem is that he’s venturing out in the world as though you and your relationship do not exist.

    Say so.

  15. What makes you think you can handle his emotions? And why would it be your job to handle his emotions? HE needs to learn how to handle his emotions. Ridiculing his elderly mother is disgraceful behavior. He sounds like an immature, selfish jerk.


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