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25 thoughts on “❀❀❀Lily❀❀❀ the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. At this point it’s basically intentional. There’s NO WAY she did it for a second time ‘accidentally’. Ugh. Sorry op you don’t deserve this

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  3. Are you sure you want to marry this guy? That’s an odd thing for a guy to begrudge his future bride on their wedding day. ?

  4. Girl, move on. He broke up with you, knows you’re up for a good time with a little canoodling and sweet words whispered in your ear.

    I would block him and move forward with your life. He’s not worth it.

  5. you’re an absolute legend. she’s found herself another genius who knows how to navigate life without infantile drama. i wish you both nothing but the absolute best

  6. Women who are raped and become pregnant can become suicidal. That is a risk to life.

    Women who become pregnant and are not in a place in their life to have a child can become suicidal. That is a risk to life.

    I agree with abortion I am absolutely pro choice. But his logic is stupid. A risk to life can be caused by many things. Including mental health.

    I was pregnant last year and had an abortion. I nearly killed myself and could not be left alone until the appointment because of the hormones in my body.

    You should honestly leave your boyfriend there isn't a nice thing I can say about people who are pro forced birth.

  7. You need to ask yourself how you feel about having a relationship with a transgender person. It is perfectly okay to not be comfortable with continuing to date this person. When you boil it down to the DNA, she still has the genetic code that made her male. Surgery doesn't change the DNA.

  8. Coming from someone who has two parents who hate each other, I do not support the “stay together for the kids” bs people like to spew. Split custody and take care of your kid. You don't need to be married to accomplish any of that.

  9. Honestly, text him and thank him for breaking up with him because it's given you the opportunity to reflect on the relationshio and realise how toxic it was.

    This dude is manipulative as all hell. Please don't ever go back to him.

  10. Well in the time it took you to write this post you could do a chore. Also when you see a messy bed then make it. When your hungry then make a meal. And when you see an empty fridge go buy some groceries. Simple.

  11. I think at some point that may be possible but with these still being relatively recent I’d back off on it. Give it time, it could come back down the road.

  12. Bro they left the door open while she was crying and screaming for them to close it. Look, I get it, bullying's fun for you, but not for the one getting bullied.

    And idk what kind of weird ass friendships you've been in where laughing at and mocking a crying person

  13. no he’s in a group with college students, she comes around that group a lot because her brother and sister (both college students and in the friend group) brings her around sometimes

  14. You didn't mess up. Your GF clearly wanted to believe that you were both virgins when she had her first experience – and therefore she went with that assumption (completely ignoring that you were in a year-long relationship with your ex…?) and didn't actually ask you about it until afterward. If it was so very important for her to only lose her virginity to another virgin, don't you think she should have asked you about it BEFORE the two of you had sex?

    Either she is very naive, or she is the kind of person who will get upset at you for not being able to read her mind, when she doesn't want to say something out loud. You have no reason to feel guilty about having sex with her, and you certainly did not mislead her in any way. Personally I think it's a bad idea to say ANYTHING about your sexual history before you build up a solid foundation of love and trust with a new partner, and even then only if you think your relationship has strong long-term potential.

    I would give her a little more time to regain her equilibrium, then message her to say that the physical love you shared was beautiful and special to you, and you hope she felt the same way. Tell her you want the chance to prove that you can be a great BF, and you hope to hear from her soon. Then all you can do is cross your fingers for luck, and wait for her to respond. Good luck!

  15. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father and I say this for perspective not to be hurtful. When my mom was in palliative care I moved in with my parents for probably a month and left my husband alone. I even remember if I talked to him daily or how often I saw him or made any effort with him. I was completely shut down and spending all my energy taking care of my mom. My husband was nothing but supportive and did anything he could to take care of me and my family.

    Thats the kind of man you want behind you not someone who “feels lonely” after a week when you are dealing with the hardest time in you life. He should be visiting if he can, calling you and texting you with no expectation of a response so you know your loved and supported. He should be sending you care packages or food deliveries to make sure you're taken care of.. not f**cking someone else.

  16. Engagement length is also highly culturally dependent, in some places people get engaged before meeting!

  17. Why don't you want to break things off with someone who doesn't prioritize you the way that you prioritze them…?

  18. I dont know, but you kinda already seem to tend towards choosing a divorce. The way you describe your marriage in the last paragraphs seem like you havent been happy with each other for quite a while. Tbh make up your mind about your marrige in general. Are you happy? What are your problems atm and if how could the get solved? Do you trust your wife anymore? How do you feel about your open relationship when she failed to communicate what happened? And then come to a conclusion if you'd like to work on and fight for your marriage or file for divorce.

    Besides all of that, telling the other wife is the right thing to do.


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