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  1. In what way is something wrong?

    Her husband has said the sister staying with them three times in two years of marriage plus however long they dated is reason for divorce. Maybe if these stays are months at a time, but I'm getting the impression of days to maybe a couple weeks. Maybe I'm misreading it. If you have more info, let me know.

  2. My ex-husband plays this card. I “kidnapped” our child for two months. He blames me for it and that his lawyer advised him to set up visitation with my lawyer.

    Guess what in that whole time he never thought to reach out to me to see our son, call, or video chat him. I was explicitly told by my lawyer that if he did I absolutely must facilitate visitation.

    Get a grip. A true dad will do anything to see their baby.

    Now I'm lucky that my ex has turned it around and we have an okay relationship barring when he wants to hold this over my head. You'll have to account for the legal mistake and move on. Telling your child mom lied was in poor taste.

  3. Ps it's great that you're thinking about this and asking questions

    It's nice to see a voice of reason once in a while, thanks!

  4. As a woman with a high sex drive, the big thing people don’t realize is that women are inherently more sexual beings than men. They love to talk about sex and wanting it but when it comes to it, when women are sexually liberated we want it more. It’s not fair for your ex to have said that when it’s literally a need that needs to be met specially if he said he was game at the beginning. Honestly, get a good toy and have private time by yourself. Unfortunately men cannot go as often or as much as us, it takes the longer, sometimes days to “reload” so they legitimately cannot do it as much as we can do toys have definitely come in handy for me personally. If you want good ones I’d recommend Lovense that way your partner can still play with you even when he’s not home or not ready to go again ?

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  6. If you fake it then you are acting dishonorably. You will be providing false answers to questions you have to publicly answer. This is not what loving spouses do.

  7. What a lovely gesture. What you did is pretty much textbook advice on how to help a grieving friend, as it's easy to forget to take care of yourself in such times. I think it's beautiful that you show your love through your food and I'm sure it must taste delicious.

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  9. I follow a lot of people with mental/physical disabilities, and they always talk about how you shouldn’t leave someone over that

    This is a nice idea, but not really rooted in reality. The fact of the matter is that no one is entitled to a relationship and while I understand it feels shitty to break up with someone because of their health issues, you are not obligated to stay with someone that is actively holding you back from what you want in life or harming you (intentionally or not).

    Your mental health matters just as much as your BFs and should be your main priority. His mental health is his responsibility, not yours.

    You don't have to break up with your BF, but you should at least make it clear that you cannot and will not support him financially and why. The added pressure might not help his situation, but I think it's important for him to know what's at stake so that he can push through his issues.

  10. It wouldn’t bother me either. Tbh it’s very human to think about someone you like at the time during masturbation. Some people need more imagery for that and so they’ll actually look at a picture. I mean I’m a woman and I’ve done it. It may be gross to you and I know this is an uncomfortable truth you probably don’t want to hear; but people have likely jacked it to your pics too- it’s just not discussed (as it shouldn’t be).

    You can’t police people’s minds. I wouldn’t worry about it. The past is in the past and he’s very normal. If I were you I’d apologize to your boyfriend. He probably feels disgusting and demonized for doing something very normal.

  11. right, but what did you gain from the lie?

    when you're worried about someone lying to you, it's because you think they're going to manipulate you or try to take advantage. you lied about being a single year younger than you are, an age that makes no material difference in any way. there's nothing a 26 year old gains that a 27 year old couldn't.

    you made a mistake, and told a stupid, inconsequential lie to cover it up. i can't see this being a deal breaker.

  12. Brooooo. It's called SQUATS AND FOOD. Idc if you're doing it for him or to boost you self esteem. You can get a terrific body all on your own. I've seen tiny cross country girls turn into Instagram models, just takes the work.

  13. If I’m your bf my question is why are you hanging out in this guys room at all especially when you’re both intoxicated. Red flags galore.

  14. I can speak to that issue personally, and OP's bf is full of shit.

    Autism does not mean you cannot have feelings for others. It does not mean you can't have empathy. And I'm REALLY tired of that harmful stereotype being perpetuated by AH's like her bf who try to use their diagnoses to get away with their bad behavior.

    Those stereotypes of autistic people contribute to us being dehumanized by others. And that sort of thinking is what leads to parents murdering their autistic kids and getting away with it, because “parenting an autistic kid is just so hard”!

  15. I live! with 3 other people and I would not leave someone that they think is a stranger unattended in the house without letting them know. That’s insane.

  16. I know someone right now, who is having to walk away after the same type of crap after 49 years.

    Dude, I need you to take a second to be cheesy and listen to me here: Think about your childhood dreams of partnership. What did you imagine it to be like? What did you hope for? You know you deserve someone who really loves and respects you, right? Maybe no one has told you that in a while but I'm telling you now. You deserve someone who loves you and respects you enough to be faithful to you.

    Remember your school pictures? Can you imagine your chubby little 4th grader face for a second here? We can't let your girlfriend continue to treat him like this. Don't let him spend 49 years with someone who is behaving this way. It won't do either of you a lick of good.

    Accountability is good, it is painful but it is an opportunity for growth. You've done all you can in this relationship, my friend. I'm sorry she's done this to you but this is a point of reckoning. If you return to the relationship, despite any admonition or boundary set, the bar will be lowered and a new rule will be applied in her mind. “Boundaries can be bent and broken when push comes to shove when getting my needs met.”

    Make room for something better in your life.

  17. I don't think he's your boyfriend, and I don't think you tell him anything, because you just never talk to him again.


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