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  1. Break up with her, she is manipulative, a boundary pusher, narcissistic, immature and needs way way way too much work right now to be a functional adult. Move on. There are 10000000000% better options out there.

  2. I hear you man. My ex lived in a kind of barren area so she always came to my place. It’s very hot walking into all my favorite restaurants and activities knowing they were also her favorites. Whenever Im stuck thinking about a good memory I try and distract myself with a bad one. How she pushed my feelings to the side, blindsided me, or gave me a fraction of what I was giving her. I’ve even got a list written in my phone of things she did that made me feel small. It helps sometimes.

  3. Don’t hang your happiness on someone else. He flirted, you said you were interested, it didn’t work out, you need to move on.

    I understand rejection can feel bad, but you are giving way too much thought equity to someone who isn’t reciprocating.

  4. Well what is your gf's job? Is she dead set on staying there, does her job provide more benefits to the household in the future, is her home owned, instead of rented? what are the reasons she has given that she isn't the one moving?

    A lot of comments will tell you to run and leave, and in a way I can understand that, but your gf reminds me a little of myself, with a huge ESTJ personality, I gave my fiance an entire power point presentation of what I expected, and said my timeline is everything, the moment he was interested in dating me. He agreed to it, and immediately understood what kind of person I was, we also had the 2 year deadline and he has now moved from germany to the uk to be with me, we are going on over 3 strong years together, and are saving for a mortgage to own a house.

    What I'm trying to say is.. some people, like myself and your girlfriend, need the structure and safety net of a schedule, and if it's been clear this whole time that there was a 2 year gap to sort out arrangements and nothing at all has been in the works, then yes, I can understand the frustration on her side. The point is, you knew what she wanted and not once did you think to try look for something yourself; “she herself never openly suggested an idea” – she shouldn't have to do everything. It seems to her, and me, that you were just hoping she was going to sort it out, but what it looks like to our perspective is that you honestly didn't take the assignment seriously which makes it look like you didn't think the relationship was serious. She won't express that to your face because she's clearly emotionally guarded.

    Communication is an issue.

  5. Why are you in a relationship? What do you get out of a relationship that you wouldn't get out of a friendship if you're not capable of romantic feelings

  6. If it’s making you uncomfortable then you should back off. If it’s not and you are just being cautious then continue being friends and if she makes a move then deal with it when the time comes.

  7. You know what the real asshole thing to do is? Cheating on your fiancee. Asking your fiancee for money when you're giving money to another woman. You need to find your backbone and leave this lying jerk. Let his mother and family sort everything out while you begin your life anew without a cheating jackass holding you back.

  8. In canada it’s very possible to stay after graduation with a post graduation work permit if you gained a degree from a local post-secondary degree. Many of my friends have done this

  9. Yes, languages are nude for him and this is a notoriously very hot one. I don’t want to push this on him, it would do the opposite of reducing stress.

    I do go see my family, but they also like to come to see me – it’s reciprocal, that’s how we show we care for each other.

  10. Girl, fuck him. I’d just move on. If he accused you of trying to trap him then he will most likely 1) accuse you of lying about being pregnant in the first place and say you also faked the miscarriage because it didn’t work or 2) be happy about the miscarriage and say something awful to you. I would not even give him another thought. You need to heal and take care of yourself. He doesn’t deserve to know anything about you.

  11. If she keeps the baby, or doesn’t keep the baby changes almost nothing. Those two deserve and want each other. You should get out while you can.

  12. A person with this disorder talked about it in a thread like this once (no, sorry, I don't have a link to her comments) and she said the cost-benefit analysis of acting selfishly versus acting as if she has empathy is clearly on the side of being nice to others. To stay functioning in society.

    OP's bf may be doing the same, assuming same level of function.

  13. Na let her go man. It’s not the fact she got gang banged people explore and experiment but she SAVES the video it’s like she’s reliving the experience the fact it’s in her phone would stress me tbh. And you don’t even know if it was from before you or after you? That’s crazy man I get it a year in and you’ve invested so much but this is crazy that she had the experience saved. Doesn’t seem healthy in a long term relationship man I would cut my losses.

  14. She didn't bail on you… She hung out with you for multiple hours as planned. Then another friend of hers needed emotional support (assuming but seems obvious considering the time and how long they spoke) and she went to provide after already having fulfilled her obligation to hang out with you. You're mad for no reason.

  15. You were right. I finally reached out and he responded. Thank you for the advice I truly appreciate it.

  16. Manipulation to get what he want. Give him the freedom to find another option, he probably already has.

    Get tested for STD's and give him his walking papers. Its not going to get any better

    You deserve to find someone you loves you for who you are, not what they want to to turn into.

  17. That's your own shit you are projecting onto the relationship. You either need to get over the fact she banged some dudes when you were broken up, or move on.

  18. I guess. It's tough to put yourself in this situation. Thinking about it I would want to beat the dudes ass too. But if I was actually there I probably would just yell at him and threaten to beat him up if he comes near us again and then just leave.

  19. Lol you're speaking like a boomer. As if you haven't even read the post saying that I'm applying for jobs anywhere including abroad. If it was as easy to “get out of it” as your comment makes it out to be, I would already be out of it, don't you think?

  20. Omg first I listen/read your post like every 3 months. Second. What is in the letter??? Genuinlyni hate suspense. I get you are a real person with real emotions. But this is a story which I will tell my kids. I need to know what it's in the letter

  21. I've actually heard that kegels (male) help, and that they can also be used to prevent yourself from ejaculating too. Might take time but if he does it regularly maybe that could help! Also, if he took anti depressants in the past, that could mess it up too. I've had moments where I was on anti depressants and couldn't finish for the life of me, but once I went off now I'm way too sensitive. I'd also suggest that you make sure he knows you don't think he's failing you or that he's the problem and that you know that if he had a choice he wouldn't want this, just that you want to work on it together and help.

  22. thats my guess too! she already planned for those dates, so its easier for her to just stick to them, especially if they work for her friend too.


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