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  1. Hopefully you can work things through and move forward :). I also appreciate the calm and collected response, the ability to see other opinions shows a good strength of character.

    And I also congratulate you on the handmade ornaments, that’s a great idea

  2. Unless this cousin has a history of showing up at other people’s events unannounced this all sounds very immature. There is no way this is just about the zoo, there has to be some underlining issue here.

  3. It’s not about that at all. It’s about the fact that men always want to impress women they are truly interested in. I don’t see this guy that interested. Maybe she isn’t bad looking so he doesn’t mind hanging out and keeping it causal, but he definitely isn’t all in or super excited about her.

  4. This is complete armchair therapy, but I’m wondering if you feel like you don’t deserve love so you lash out when it is given. I think you need to work on yourself and understand why you feel that way before working on receiving and giving love.

  5. This dudes a predator – and manipulating you and his kid. He’s just looking for a new bang maid and baby sitter. You should listen to peoples advice in here.

  6. Often a crisis is when you learn who your partner really is and whether they will be there for you.

    This jackass is a big Nope on all fronts.

    START DOCUMENTING his absence. His “coparenting” bullshit may mean dropping the baby off with his mom to play Grandma.

    It sounds like it is too late to keep him off the birth certificate.

    So contact a lawyer and file for Legal 100% Custody. Baby goes NOWHERE without your approval.

    There are details as well such as 'first right of refusal' so if he is dumping the kid on his mom he needs to give you the option to take the child before this happens.

    Grandparents Rights: if you are in a state that allows that you want to keep the baby away from his parents and document that they have no relationship. Find out laws for your area.

    I'm sorry, but getting the hell away from him so he has zero access to your life is likely the best. He won't teach your child to respect mom.

  7. You are in two different stages in life and is a direct result of your age gap.

    You don't need a reason to break up, if this relationship isn't what you want anymore then it's over.

    Not going to comment about how gross he is for specifically targeting a teenager when he was nearly 30.

  8. Threaten or force? Didn't you say he's been mostly supportive? You feel he's capable of this from just a short amount of time?

  9. I don;t think what she has done is serious. People do stupid things when drunk. I have jumped from window once to resolve debate how high it is to the ground since it was completely dark. Obviously I don't think it was the right thing to do and I would never do it sober.

    Please understand her drunk actions are to a degree thoughtless. However, even that drunk she didn't entertain him too much. In fact I imagine the impulse to contact him was to tell him off for trying to groom her in the past. I guess in her mind at the time it was brilliant idea. Perhaps it's something she sometimes feels like doing in general, telling all people who mistreated her that it wasn't fair of them.

    Next day and sober, she did the obvious thing and rejected him.

    I believe you have good thing going on and there is no reason to stop. If anything you can ask her to please be reserved with alcohol. Under influence all grudges, traumas and complexes come to surface and sometimes effects are unpredictable and disastrous.

  10. Hi OP, I'm happy to see your end sentence about having a chat with your wife about her actions. It's all well and good to be supportive of your wife because of her mental health but clearly she was abit over the top in this case. I suggest you have a good think about if there's anything else you try to smooth over or firefight for her because long term, this could be bad for your own happiness and wellbeing if you let it continue and keep walking on eggshells. Just because your wife has depression and anxiety does not mean everything has to be to her liking. It's your house too.

  11. Depends on your weight and his strength. I had women that were worried while they weighed 50kg with shoes on so I literally didn't feel a thing. If he says he doesn't feel a thing then just don't think about it. It's not really about weight it's about not digging into any vein or muscle with shoulder or arm.

  12. My parental grandfather was like this: he would marry a woman, get her pregnant, then abuse his powers as a judge to dissolve his own marriage. Rinse and repeat nine times, accounting to my father and his 8 half siblings. An absolute sleazeball.

  13. I played competitive sports too and I know locker room talk can be very crude at times so I think that’s a big issue of his too.

  14. As a literal bi married woman that's married to a man.

    CHEATING IS CHEATING! DOESN'T MATTER THE GENDER! Lord I'm tired of people trying to justify their shitty fucking gross behavior by bringing the lgbt into it.

    “Like u shldnt shame me from wanting to sleep with woman because I'm just trying to live my truth” or that a man should be flattered if his wife wants to sleep with other woman it's sexy! God no!

    Fuck that. U shldnt be married then!

    U married ur wife to be in a monogamous relationship and if that's what u want that's perfectly fine!

    If she wants to sleep around u shld serve her with divorce papers. Don't let urself get suckered into some bullshit u didn't sign up for. Ur gonna be on the losing end of that shit OP.

  15. I can, but she has mentioned before how we spend too much time at my place. She also teases my pets because she wanted me to understand how she felt ?‍♂️

  16. I’m sorry but after birthing and raising littles he has the audacity to ask this? Not considerate one bit that your body and life has drastically changed but now he wants to seek other women…. You need to figure out if you want to try to save this or if you need yo get your things in order so you can leave.

  17. I've learned that trying to explain abusive or just mean behavior isn't useful, at least upfront. This early on, you're both still interviewing each other. You don't need to understand -why- he does what he does, you only need to decide on what behavior you'll allow in your personal relationships. Much love to you.

  18. Thank you for your response. It’s nice to know I’m not being completely unreasonable. Definitely on a different wavelength

    I agree. I’ve been afraid to even touch this subject with him for that reason, as I don’t want to make him feel weird about a decision that is completely valid. I think these days I just end up catering to his wants for our weekends and it’s a bit draining. I have a high stress job and would really love to go out some weekends with friends, but it’s been months now of us just sitting at home alone playing the games he likes. I have some thinking to do. Thank you so much again for your response.

  19. I also grew up in a violent household, your main priority should be keeping your kids safe. Do you love your wife or your kids more? Cuz you can only choose one now.

    The second anyone got physical was when the two of you should have split. You can't say “I don't want my kids to grow up in a violent household” and allow it to happen. This should absolutely be a no-tolerance, no-compromise policy. The instant your children see it once is the instant that is stays with them for life. If they see it a second time then it starts becoming normalized, and that's a point you don't want them to be.

    Your kids are already hurt (emotionally), now you gotta protect them as best you can. And the environment they are in is clearly toxic and violent, so they need to be ejected from there ASAP.

  20. This why the fuck are u staying with a man that has no respect for you or your body OP?

    From what u describe this man sees u as a human sexdoll for his convenience whether u want it or not. U cried during the first time u had sex because u felt pressured into it and u still stayed! That's not normal. Men that love u don't pressure u for sex!

    And for God's sake if u come with tht bullshit about how he's loving besides this.


    your no should be a no, your hesitant nature should be an indication that you don't feel comfortable saying no to this man because he doesn't care about your needs or what u want.

    Find yourself a man that actually gives a shit about u besides seeing u as holes he can use when he feels the urge to.

  21. You are honestly sickening to me. You don't care about racism. You care about that one specific word because of how loaded it is. And that's it.


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