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  1. So after 8 years he still wants to party every weekend, hang around with other people and treats you like an afterthought?

    By now you should have a proper defined relationship and yet he’s acting like a single man

    The fact he won’t even slightly appear interested at something that is important to you says to me that you deserve more

    Think it’s time to accept this relationship is over and move on

  2. He refused to pay and stared me down and threatened to leave if I didn't. The staff was busy and I had high heels on (literally stilettos) and the exit was all the way up the stairs so I had no quick easy way to flee.

    Also I can't really take it offline, it's public records. I might just have to quit dating which is sad as I'm a young pretty something girl

  3. It feels strange to throw out an otherwise happy and healthy relationship over something like this

    You are very young, why waste your life on a man like that? Aren't you embarrassed to be with someone with those views? There are other men out there.

    Besides, you don't seem happy and your relationship doesn't seem healthy either.

  4. “I've already explained that I'm not interested in [ex friend] romantically. I'm not required to date anyone and everyone who's interested in me.

    The idea that people are 'owed' a date is no different than a stalker justifying their unwanted, one sided attention against someone, or an abusive partner in a relationship.”

  5. Oh 21M, you have a lot to learn about the predators that exist in your gender.

    Your existence is NOT the magical shield that you think it is, and frankly, if she’s as beautiful as you say she is, well my dear, your existence is but a minor annoyance, not a deterrent.

    Also, women often times have to play the willing participant for fear of retaliation. Yea… it’s a thing. If you hate it, start actively raging against the patriarchy, or leave her be. She’s navigating gender constructs not of her making.

  6. I’ll take the down votes on this but when is it not selfish? 5 kids? 4 kids? 3 kids? When did 6 kids become selfish? In the 90’s? 80’s? 70s? It wasn’t shitty planning, it was no planning. It was living life, fucking the women I love more than anyone could love her. I knew when she was ovulating by how horny I would get. We lived our love life through an animal type attraction, naturally, organically, and without the need of approval. Condoms suck when you want to make passionate love to your soul mate. We didn’t just fuck to get off we fucked to love each other, to grow together, to feel each other every way possible. Piss off you judgmental condescending asshat.

  7. Hahah. Yeah – that’s going to happen. It took them five additional kids to realise that maybe their approach had some drawbacks.

  8. Even if you found something. You betrayed his trust and violated his privacy. Shame on you. Shame on everyone who tries to find a reason why this would be OK.

  9. I keep thinking these are AI generated. They always include a couple of details that just make no sense with an overall tone that doesn’t reflect any feelings about the situation.

  10. It’s absolutely amazing for our relationship and family life.

    I mean sure, if you can afford the lifestyle you want on part time work that puts you in an enormously unique and lucky position.

  11. THAT makes sense then!

    And it plays in OPs team. Good for her.

    Not bad.

    But the midwife should tell her/ have told her, WHO called her, what was the intent of the call.

    And get name and phone if the officer in charge there.

    Point is: he crashed after a call. He might as well have been unattentive and really have had an accident.

  12. I was listening to an excellent podcast with Daniel Pink yesterday on the Power of Regret (he also has a book by the same name). He says that regret is flip side of your values and life objectives. If you regret something it is because what you did wasn’t in line with your current values and how you want to live! your life. We all have regrets, they are only a problem if we don’t learn from them. It sounds like you understand what you regret and why so the final step is to make a plan to change. It sounds like the lesson for you to learn is how much you love your husband and the importance of staying with your therapy and medication to be the kind of partner you want to be. If you focus on the past the shame may lead you to being a worse partner for now or to making bad decisions. The best thing for you and your husband is to learn the lesson from this regret and make sure you don’t create more future regrets.

  13. Did you not take the advice you got last time? Come on get a grip. Unless you want to share your GF with your uncle go ahead.

  14. 50 50 while I'm here, there's nothing I can do about being gone for a year but before I go and when I return. I plan to pay all my BAH to her while I'm gone

  15. You make a really good point! I think I do want her genuine opinion on the interactions between my partner and I, to make sure I’m not missing something egregious. All the other friends I had in that group essentially said that he seemed like a great guy and that we seemed well suited. I would like for them to at least be friendly with each other when in a shared space.

    I agree that the cooking & cleaning are normal but my last SO was pretty bad that this seems great to me (my own experiences colored this) so that does make sense.

    And I agree, I didn’t find that horrifying at all- hence why I’m so uneasy. I don’t know what she’s going to accept as “good enough” if a short answer is “horrifying”.

    Yeah I’m going to think about my own expectations and hopes in this scenario! Thank you for helping me talk it through 🙂

  16. Tell her to send you screenshots, particularly the virginity comment.

    Go to HR if that was from one of your coworkers. That one is definite sexual harassment.

    Then ignore the haters at work.

    You're there to get shit out the door, create satisfied customers, help ypir team leader out, then get paid. You're not there for people to like you and you're definitely not there to help jealous little shits feel better about their miserable boring lives.

    Then tell NG haters are gonna hate and it's up to her to shut down the haters in any way she feel appropriate, personally you're not too concerned.


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