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29 thoughts on “⭐Raul + Evelyn + Kira and Tony (couple) ⭐ the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I care because they could be angry and see that as an “alright, we should tell her parents now.”

    I'm not scared of solely them being angry, it's what they'd do in spite.

  2. I have a feeling this isn’t solely about cooking.

    you can get rid of the first half of that sentence lol

    i mean, the bf literally told Op that:

    he feels like I lack life skills

    its pretty clear there is more to this. OP just chose to cling to this one example

  3. And?

    What is it you find inappropriate?

    Why do you care that she's attractive, and why do you have work functions in quotation marks?

  4. Have you tried going away on some remote holiday, just you two and seeing if that makes any difference? Maybe a change of routine is what is needed to appreciate how much you both need each other. This in itself should encourage intimacy…

  5. I don’t think you’re asking too much, especially given you’ve done similar things for him in the past.

    Is this a pattern elsewhere in your relationship? Do you find yourself tending to his needs while yours sometimes go unsatisfied? Are you doing all the planning and organizing for your shared activities? In other words, are you acting as his mother? That would be consistent with his current behavior.

    If he’s been fine elsewhere, maybe he just doesn’t understand your expectations, and you can set things straight with a serious conversation about it. People aren’t perfect.

  6. It’s definitely not a “right of passage” for guys to go to a strip club on their bachelor party. Some people might want to do that, but it absolutely isn’t necessary. Clearly, it’s a big deal to you and it makes you uncomfortable for him to go there. That’s totally ok!

    You have to make sure to tell him and the friend how you’re feeling. They should be able to respect that and plan something else. If your fiancée and his friends can’t have a great bachelor party without strippers, then they really suck at knowing how to have a good time.

  7. Well if you date a guy who’s not a douche and will wear a condom, no this isn’t your life.

    If you can’t let this guy go right now my advice is:

    He goes down on you first if he wants head. With the argument he’s turning down sex due to condoms not you.

    Don’t have sex without condoms. Have them on hand in case you flake, but honestly his refusal is a huge red flag.

    There’s worst things than breaking up with a guy who only cares about his sexual pleasure. When I was your age isn’t wasn’t naked to find and I wasn’t having PIV sex then.

  8. Agreed, the point is that her friend was very vulnerable and opened up about something most people make fun of or joke. He wanted to be his authentic self and didn’t want to hide this about him any longer. Her reaction is exactly why he was afraid to come out. He knows it is not socially acceptable and feels he’s hiding a part of him.

  9. Is there any possibility of your friend hanging out with your wife or kids? If yes, then she's going to have to stay away or she's off the table.

  10. Are your in laws around? Does this control issue your husband has stem from something he learned or was subjected to as a kid?

    You were right to apologize for the teasing with the kids. Sad that he didn’t accept it.

    His behavior is disgusting, a health hazard, manipulative & controlling. It is not normal & continue to teach your kids proper hygiene & toilet habits!

    Tell him his repulsive habit (& hygiene I’m guessing) is affecting intimacy and desire. No flush, no plunge, stinky house? No sex!

    What is his reasoning for not doing this at work or someone else’s home? If he can control his bowel habits elsewhere he can & must at home.

    He needs counseling & I think Reddit knows how he’d react to that suggestion. Talk to your family doctor. He needs help.

    Part of me wants him to be embarrassed af in front of others about this problem. Announce it to guests & family. Rent a port-a-potty. Direct him & his filth outside

    Good luck.

  11. Thats not what I asked. What disease or health risk did she transmit to him by them having sex. Answer the actual question.

  12. Mama, you have to get the fuck out of there. This sad excuse of a human being is using you. He could be pumping you out or even selling those videos. This is sexual coercion, this is psychological abuse.

    Please, pack up your things and leave. He doesn’t love you. He is using you. He is abusing you. You deserve better than this scum of the earth. Don’t choose him. Choose yourself. You are worth it. You are worthy to be truly loved and not in this transactional manner.

    He is not “trying” right now. He is love-bombing you to once again bend you to his will. Please leave this toxic environment. Run from it!

    Love is not supposed to feel this way. Love should make you feel safe. You clearly are not feeling safe! All these panic attacks are coming from your body telling you to get OUT! Please listen to your body. It doesn’t lie!

  13. Incompatible.

    Financial issues are among the top 5 reasons for divorce.

    If supporting his mom isn't bankrupting him, what's the issue. He's not keeping up with his other Financial obligations because of her?

  14. So your parents want to control you by cutting you off if you choose your girlfriend. It's not you who is causing this. It's them.

  15. I’m sick of you not-picking the details of my replies and ignoring the substance.

    Yes, it’s suffocating of you to tell her your feelings are hurt when she makes plans with her friends and doesn’t miss you. And it’s co-dependant as hell to feel so bad about “leaving her alone by herself’ that you’re considering changing jobs. Everything about the things you post about wanting to say to her, is needy and suffocating. You appear to have a totally unrealistic expectation of a ‘good relationship’ involving 24/7 togetherness as ideal and being constantly the focus of the other’s mind even when apart.

  16. Why are you with this person? His autism has nothing to do with being a terrible partner. Just the money stuff alone is reason enough to RUN to get a divorce and that's not even considering that “he doesn't appear to like you as a person”. Get out.

  17. Hey. Thank you. 🙂 It's not often that a healthy revelation is made on reddit.

    Seriously. I appreciate you saying what you did. Your comment was articulated in a way I wouldn't have done myself but understood immediatly.

  18. He is a gambling addict. It will only get stronger. Eventually the tide will change and his luck will run out. Penniless he will drag you down with him. You should move on.

  19. I grew up in a family like this. It gets to the point where people like that dad will start making those comments towards your children if you don't break away from them.

    Separated families are NOT “broken” families. They are happier families. Healthier families. And safer families. With better boundaries and better parenting. If you don't feel safe or taken up for while you two are together, even though you may not discuss it with your child around, your kid will eventually feel unsafe by proxy. Kids aren't dumb and a parent's problems one day become a child's burden. If you can eliminate those problems by going your separate ways then why not give your kid a happier lifestyle?

    I wish my parents had divorced sooner instead of waiting until I was 18, I spent my entire childhood in hell and scared. I was happy to get to know my parents as separate people as an adult. Unfortunately I only got a few more years with my mom before she died. So I feel we could have actually had a good life had it not been wasted on her arguments with my dad and feeling unsafe with my dads pervy family around for years.

    Leaving may be what finally makes your boyfriend grow some balls and stop letting his father perv on everyone in the world. Not saying to leave and then go back after he learns his “lesson”, I'm saying, maybe he can eventually be a better father than his own with you guys separated because right now he isn't setting a very good example for what is okay for you guys' child right now. You can either help him continue this cycle of supporting his father's behaviors or you can be the one to break free of it and be the first to say “I'm really not taking this shit and neither is my kid”.

    Because honestly, I wouldn't trust being home alone with a father in law like that. He sounds like he's building up to sexual assault or something, it's honestly scary. Whatever you do just be safe please because that's a scary guy.

  20. Are the others couples? How are the rooms going to be divided. Honestly, tell him that it’s not him your afraid of it’s the girls trying to get them together. I would take back the ultimatum.

  21. The house is solely his so I feel somewhat stuck. If it was true that he has true feelings for this coworker and not me I would on-line here civilly until I sorted my own situation out. If it’s feeling rather than just an attraction I can’t on-line with that.


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