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  1. I wonder if this was a generally sexually abusive family. She was 13 and there were “a couple of other people that could have been the dad”

    I think there's more to the family history. Were they both sexually abused? Were their parents involved in this? It sounds like they grew up in a really toxic environment.

  2. Honestly, yes, I would. If he asked me to do a 2-second thing every 6 months, yeah, I'd humor him even if I don't like it

  3. One of your articles is referring specifically to the pre-DNA era. It’s in the fucking title. This is NOT the pre-DNA era anymore. Give me a bit to look at the other one.

  4. She loves attention more than she loves you. This would be dealbreaker territory for me. I know it’s cliche for the subreddit to recommend breakups, but if you’re not going to love your partner, why have them?

    Even if I had a worse day than a partner, I would still take care of them, it’s not a competition, it’s about taking care of your partner.

  5. If somehow you end up finding out tho that they were official when he was doing all this I would definitely think about letting her know to save her the heartache, but also that could be dangerous if this guy is a weirdo and might do some dumb shi. I dont know but just look out for yourself and stay safe.

  6. The joke was fucked up but his reaction is what is absolutely terrifying. Get away from him, this is a time bomb. Stay safe

  7. In your other post, you admit to cheating twice. Was it with the same woman or two different women? Additionally, as of 24 hours ago, your partner was unaware that you’d cheated on them!

  8. This is an important life lesson so listen carefully. It happens that people we like or even have stronger feelings for don’t reciprocate. There’s only one solution for this and that is to leave them alone and move on.

  9. She doesn't do anything. Maybe a bottle of wine a month? A few edibles a month? That's literally it other than that nothing ?

  10. Yes, it is common knowledge that children should not be introduced to man after man and then lose each.

    Children need stability, not to have a constant string of men run thru their lives and leave

  11. Wait so you have more of problem with your friend taking hard pics of your wife for you over a total stranger? I don’t know, but if nothing physical happened, I think this would be my preference.

  12. It's very normal, some men and women just don't like those general things near their mouth. It can be for a number for different reasons, for his it's a textural issue which is definitely valid and I respect that you understood him and respected that boundary.

    The girls who say it's because he doesn't value your pleasure are just wrong. He's made an effort to try and do it for you so you could enjoy yourself and it just didn't work out, some things just aren't meant to be.

    No one knows your relationship like you do.

  13. This. Also has to be rage bait. No one this selfish can also be this fucking stupid and ignorant.

    If OP is for real then jesus David dodged a massive bullet being with a cheater.

  14. Why would you want to be on the mortgage? Be a tenant, pay rent to him and he can put that money toward the mortgage or whatever he likes. That way, if things go south, you don't have to worry about mortgage or getting your equity back.

    If you do get married, that's when you talk about putting your name on the deed or buying your own property to rent out.

  15. Walk away from both of them. Get busy focusing on yourself and reaching your goals. Reach out to friends, stay active, and don't look back.


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