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  1. Your fiancé is telling you he’s going to stand you up at your wedding. Is he offering to offset the cost of canceling the wedding or is he planning on leaving you holding the bag?

    There’s no way he HAS to sign a contract that has him gone in 10 months. And even then there’s usually leave granted, he couldn’t work in a week off for his wedding and honeymoon into the contract?

    It doesn’t sound like your fiancé is making much space for you in his life, he makes the decisions and expects you to do all the legwork to stay together. Listen to your gut, don’t give up your life for someone who isn’t making an effort to be in yours.

  2. I confronted the guy who assaulted me. Involving the police is regularly both traumatic and unproductive. Ask many victims of sexual violence, you’ll find it’s quite common.

    There’s real data on how rape victims behave.

  3. He wanted to be with you then after more thought he didn’t. That is all. It’s frustrating but you need to accept and move on. Keep ignoring him.

  4. This is true and I fundamentally agree, but bosses also aren’t hitting the same deep, core triggers. The interactions tend to be more scripted, rigid, and compartmentalized— people can have horrible and unhealthy relationships with work and their boss and still compartmentalize it. It’s rare to be able to compartmentalize all your feelings about a romantic partner who sees and has access to basically all of you.

    That’s not an excuse for poorly-regulated people, but I do think it’s a meaningful difference in scale and context.

    I’m someone who won’t tolerate irate yelling or insults. Not everyone who can and chooses to is trapped in a terrible situation, but it would be bad for me in both directions and I won’t do or put up with it.

    The boundary is super fair, and obviously people can learn self-control. But, still, it’s more complicated and requires more baggage-processing to master that in your most intimate life, compared to a binary workplace on/off switch.

  5. Good lord, no! Why would you do that? You could really hurt them by doing that. Just say you aren't attracted or you have a penis the size of a candle wick or something…anything but the truth.

  6. You're literally gonna drive him to break up with you. If you're that insecure. It seems like you have alot of anxiety and insecurities happening. And you're just taking it out on the other girl. He's allowed to have good friends. Yes, he can have best girlfriends too. Just because men have woman as good friends. Don't mean they're fuckin. He's obviously established a friendship with her where he's comfortable. You're just gonna drive your bf nuts for him to break up with you. You sound like a bunch of teenagers and not someone who's 24.

  7. Just take a breath.

    So as you've said, your boyfriend has continually grown and changed since you've been with him, for the better, and since he hasn't fully broken off from the longest non-family relationship in his life it suddenly undermines all of this work? No.

    What will help is you two moving, I'm sure your bf will over time become even more distant with Rob. Habits and relationships that ingrained are difficult to break when youre still in that environment.

    One thing he doesn't need is a bunch of I told you sos or more pressure to just end the friendship now, one thing to think about is regardless of Rob being a jerk, your boyfriend is functionally losing his best friend. Good person or not that affects people. The fact that he's sad about it doesn't make you in bf a bad person, it makes him normal.

    As for the mistakes Dave made in the past with Rob, allow your bf space to be different. He made a mistake, he regrets it, he's been paying for it. Do you believe people are capable of change or not? If you believe they are capable of change, then don't place your timeline on his growth.

    You claim you worry your bf lacks empathy, and yet you've allowed your hatred of Rob prevent you from feeling empathetic towards your bf. He's soon leaving his home, leaving his childhood best friend, and essentially starting his life over for you. Those being difficult things doesn't mean hes not excited to continue growing with you, it just means they're difficult and meaningful changes.

    You two are going to have enough stress with this move coming up. Maybe let up a bit and focus on staying connected to your bf through this big life change.

  8. It’s called manipulation.And he is garbage.

    He knows you will self-defense yourself and then plays the victim.

    You can either end it or wait until things are out of control.

  9. Ask them how they would feel if you asked them to repeatedly put themselves in a situation that was detrimental to their mental health. Then ask them if that's what they believe friendship is. If they say yes, get better friends. Also don't take a break from that friend, cut him off. He's shown you how much value he places in you and your friendship and that zero.

  10. You're letting the relationship cloud the problem. The relationship obviously isn't working. That ship has sailed… you'e 26, there will be others…. but not till you fix you… Otherwise you'll simply see a pattern of the same mistakes time and time again.

  11. This is definitely plausible but I’d say there are other ways he might be feeling insecure that stem more from insecurity.

    This is kind of hot to explain but I can imagine for a really attractive person the exclusivity of being in a “higher league” based on attractiveness AND good personality creates some sense of safety for him. He always automatically qualifies as being in a higher league because he’s attractive, so now he just needs to deliver on being a good person (easy). But there are plenty of unattractive people who are exceptionally great people but he’s never felt like he has to compete against them for love or affection because they’re automatically disqualified from his league by being unattractive. Now that he’s seen for himself that he really is in the same league as any good man regardless of attractiveness the amount of people he is “competing against” has grown by a significant amount and he might be doubting whether or not his other good qualities are good enough to keep him in the game. For someone with pretty privilege he’s suddenly lost his pretty privilege edge and that can be very frightening for him. He suddenly feels “easy to replace” and yeah that way of thinking is kind of shitty but everyone does this on some minor level. Our unique qualities make us feel like we can’t just be replaced but for him, unfortunately, so much attention has been placed on his attractiveness that it’s become his unique quality that “can’t just be replaced” except, oops, it can. Because your partner doesn’t value your “unique quality” as especially important.

    If that’s the case reassurance and therapy will do a lot to help him.


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