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  1. Was it agreed upon that you were splitting the cost of the trip? Also, you booked the trip right? (You should've included this info in the post). If yes to both, call her and say that you still need her to pay her part of the trip.

    If the cost isn't an issue and the trip is truly non-refundable, I would say just go yourself. You can still message her to say you're disappointed, but ultimately, you can't force her to come. Even if you have gone alone before, you should look for other things you can do. If you really don't think you would enjoy it, then stay home and swallow the cost.

    These are the only options I see. Also, don't stay friends with this person. I have had to cancel trips before and there's a way to do it where you're apologetic and are proactive in helping with the cost. She also really should've said up front if she was on the fence so you know to be flexible also. Her cancelling on you after already booking just to extend another trip is inconsiderate.

  2. Interesting. I’ve dated many ladies in my life and many seemed to have expressions of “I’m not enjoying this” on their face, but all assured me they are happy, and even actively made sure they initiated to prove it.

    I appreciate you are young but as we age I do wonder if this is a bigger issue. I’m sure many factors come into play as people age, menopause, bodily changes basically in both m and f.

    Communication is key to this for you. I think I wouldn’t be withholding sex but I would be asking why she looks like she isn’t enjoying it. Maybe do some other fantasy stuff with her?

  3. He’s done this twice that you know of. Imagine all the shit talking he has done about you when you aren’t around. Know your worth. Keep up the good work at the gym and with getting healthy. Drop the AH hubby. Best of luck in 2023!!

  4. He's a mommy's boy and you were lucky enough to see a glimpse of your future if you stay with him.

    Cut your losses and dodge the bullet, send him back to his momma.

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  6. I think this is how it goes with him! He is actually very airheaded and I’ve observed him a bit when we were out on dates… he gets distracted by EVERYTHING literally, he sees things faster than my brain processes and I end up running after him like after a child… it’s cute but when it comes to being serious it’s not cute anymore…

  7. You can like someone, and enjoy someone’s company, and be sexually attracted to them, but not be able to develop romantic feelings – usually referring to being in love but everything is a spectrum.

    Op genuinely likes her gf and enjoys spending time with her and being physically intimate (I’d assume) but isn’t in love with her and sounds like cannot fall in love with anyone (aromantic).

    But that should have been communicated before they got in this relationship.

  8. It is utterly amazing to me how many guys don't realize they could have severe performance problems when they try a MFM threesome.

  9. So you think in the 30 odd minutes she comes over. Her and your husband have sex in your bedroom while your kids are waking up and your mom is there?

    I mean… I guess it’s possible but seems not plausible.

  10. OP, I wonder if she is struggling because her best friend put her in an uncomfortable position. Her friend never should have asked, but maybe she was too uncomfortable to say no and needs you to say no so she doesn’t feel bad or has an excuse. Idk if that really makes it better but might be worth getting to the root. I’d still take a friend instead!

  11. At 35 years old, if she’s not 100% sure she wants kids, she probably just doesn’t. You need to CALMLY have that talk. If this is a deal breaker for you, then you probably need to rethink this next stage of your life.

  12. She's already cheating and thinks if you agree to an open relationship, that it won't be cheating anymore

  13. You might be ashamed and regret it now, but what really matters now is how you are going to proceed with these relationships.

  14. To be clear, I chose and paid for the gift. My date was only helping to coordinate its delivery because I was out of network coverage.

  15. Tinder has just become one big game. There are apps out there that auto swipe on people's profiles. So it might be a bot or something. Yeah I say that's kinda sus on your gf end.

  16. You are NOT stuck with him!! He threatened you with a KNIFE!! Get! Out!!

    Call your local domestic violence center, tell them what he did and said and that you are pregnant!

    Please take this more seriously!! 'Not sitting right with me' is a extreme under reaction to what he actually did!!


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