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  1. There are times in a relationship when one should keep their big mouth shut. OP, this is one of those times! Spouting off your opinion on this issue will accomplish nothing and will only hurt your girlfriend's feelings.

  2. Put it on the couch/chair, it can be the couch blanket. Hang it on the walls even, my mum has done this and it makes the room look cosy.

  3. These two posts get human nature. If they agreed to move in, my man is probably thinking what his life is gonna be like in 20+ years living with OP, and it is gonna get weird.

  4. So did anything sexual happen to your gf?

    If no, salvageable. You make it clear you are not comfortable with her listening in on sexual intercourse other people in her life have.

    If yes, it's cheating.

    But tbh, this is some weird shit. I play a lot online and i've never heard anyone being so casual about all of this. You may not be compatible if your gf really doesn't see this as problematic. How would she react irl? Cause usually, we just play like we would react irl, and if she were to stay in the same room knowing it'd make you feel so uncomfortable, that would be a dealbreaker for me.

    Doesn't mean she has to change, nor you. Just that you two do not belong together

  5. If it were an established male photographer and not a friend I think this would be totally different.

  6. You absolutely need to call the police or whoever else can have her committed for a psych eval, and end the relationship before you end up in jail.

  7. man neglects family and allows children to be at risk because he decided to go to sleep in bed instead of calling his mom or literally anybody to help



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