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5 thoughts on “18perfecttits

  1. Dude you need to get some self respect and block her. You clearly arent over it and its clouding your judgement. She is still exploring her 20s and does not want to be in a relationship.

    Remove yourself from the situation and heal

  2. So there is a lot here, not sure if you even want to know but you may want to ask him to come clean about everything so there is no more surprises.

    Problem with that is that you may not want to know.

    Trust is always going to be an issue imo, he lied and cheated so there will always be that in your head…it will fade with time but it doesn’t just go away unfortunately.

    Does he know you found out this new info?

  3. So unfortunately, she's admitted to me that she's talked to multiple people at once in the past during a low mental health period. I told her that it looks like she's doing that now, but she said that I insulted her, & that she's fully committed to me.

  4. Yeah, the second you run into any woman that expects you to cover her bills / pay for her meals and buy her things? Run. Don't give people like that the time of day.


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