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Birth Date: 1973-12-25

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

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14 thoughts on “_K___live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Shit, that sucks. People seem to be pretty adamant that it’s a bad idea to stay in it. Fuck me sideways, I really did like her

  2. You say you're not sure if he was cheating on his fiancé/wife when you two were sleeping with eachother and yo uwere working together…did you two know each other well at work, or not so much? I just find it nude to believe you didn't know if he was involved with someone or not.

    whether or not you tell him is up to you. Seems like you two separated amicably and didn't expect much from the relationship.

  3. This is an awful take.

    I was raped by an ex-gf and I didn't know it at the time. Only 6 months after the break-up I realized it was indeed a rape. And I was manipulated by no one into thinking it.

    Did I feel violated when it happened? Yes. Did I cut off contact with my then girlfriend after it happened? No. All I thought at the time was “maybe I should be a good boyfriend and do what she wants me to do”, even though I said no multiple times. Was it still a rape? Yes.

    Please go and check what consent is before you hurt anyone.

  4. Lmao he claims she just drove by and got her stuff out the garage and he was really sick & hungover Sunday but I wasn’t there so that could have happened

  5. A relationship with the potential for true partnership requires time, trust, and depth. Jumping into bed too soon can create a purely sexual relationship without the emotional intimacy needed for marriage or long term partners.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I really appreciate your words. I think I will go through with my original intention and rip this band aid.

  7. She’s an adult now and she’s allowed to make decisions, both good and bad, for herself. You should need to be dragging her out of a party regardless if it was what’s best for her general health. You had good intentions, but she acknowledges she has a problem, then immediately goes to a party and posts pics of her doing shots, so she truly doesn’t care if she has a problem or not. Do you really want to waste your best years on girl you have to “manage” all the time and have countless more conversations about her drinking? Do you really want to “be the bad guy” every single time she goes out drinking because she can’t control herself? Do you really want to continue dating someone who turns abusive with alcohol but chooses to not stop drinking regardless of the affect her behaviour has on others? It doesn’t matter if she means to be mean while she’s drunk, she knows she does it and chooses to continue to do it anyways.

  8. What are you even talking about? What logic? I only pointed out that you‘re acting insane. No matter what your standpoints are, the aggression and temper you‘re showing are not suitable to this situation at all. It seems like you‘re close to some kind of nervous breakdown.

  9. Your fiancé is concerned, but I agree with you he's being overly cautious. You won't be alone, and you've been to Tijuana before.

  10. Take the control from her and just tell her you are done and walk away with your dignity. Dont play the “choose me” game and wait for her to be done getting plowed by a bunch of strangers before deciding for you if you the relationship is done. She sees you as a safety net and nothing more.

  11. okay just checked your comment history. please get your porn addiction sorted out because the way you perceive women is way worse than i thought.

    i was right when i said you sexualise women but after seeing all of that and your ignorant comments, i pray you don't have a daughter because you will create an unsafe environment for her since you are perverted.

    if anyone wants to read his history i highly recommend the one where he complains about the idea of consent because husbands should just slide it right in, and explains marital rape doesn't exist.


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