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  1. If someone tells me that X has robbed the last three houses they've stayed at, I wouldn't be letting them stay at my house. I don't need first hand experience. If she's mentally unstable enough that she goes on benders unmedicated then OPs husband has probably got whatever information he needs.

    First hand experience is absolutely not a requirement.

  2. By leaving her you will be relieved of this tension.

    A dream girl doesn't do this. They communicate clearly and kindly. She has to want to improve your relationship, not shut down when things don't go well in her mind.

    Your sacrifices aren't in vain. They are teaching you what you don't want or need from a partner. It sucks for sure but just use the experience to improve your next relationship. And there is no hurry to do that soon.

  3. Oh man mental health issues can definitely be a disability. It sounds horrendous and I’m sorry OP has to live! this way.

  4. Okay so first u “demand she take accountability for her actions” what actions exactly?

    U sent a long email? After she blocked u…no horrible idea.

    U were supposed to be no contact but didn't actually stick to it.

    Sadly ur ex can talk about u whenever she wants. U can't force her to stop completely. Rather that's in person or social media. Wanna know how u don't need to know….keep her blocked & move on. Ur 46, come on

  5. I don’t understand how someone can just throw his own parents away.

    I just want to touch on this point.

    Can you really not understand it? I can think of a hundred if not thousand reasons why someone would go no contact with their parents. Most of them deal with protecting yourself or others.

    Clearly your son believes he is protecting his and his family's mental and/or physical well-being from your husband and you. He can not trust either of you not to pick fights, push beliefs he doesn't agree with on his children, etc. because you've shown no ability to do that in the past.

    You see it as him throwing you away because you refuse to accept or acknowledge the reasons provided to you. You've done nothing wrong so what could there possibly be they need protecting from.

    This isn't about apologies and grudges. It's about contrition and change. Until you acknowledge the ways in which you have harmed him and start respecting his boundaries you have no hope of changing things. You don't have to change your values but you do have to change the ways you approach the world and those around you.

  6. Yeah, this entire situation taught me we have an unbalanced friendship. No hard feelings, I shouldn’t have let it get that point. But now I need to act accordingly

  7. Emotional safety is a huge deal. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I know exactly how you feel as I have attachment issues in relationships too.

    I’m telling you that this relationship is going to mentally destroy you if deep inside you know you’re not happy. You wrote that you’ve tried to break it off but can’t do it because of how attached you are. I know nothing is as easy as saying it, but find that moment. Find the moment to say it and then walk away. Cut all contact with this person. Being around him or even knowing about his life from afar will cause you to never heal from this, especially with the history you guys have.

    The attachment is like a drug that you’re going to be withdrawing from. No contact works in these situations. Hurts like hell but will do the job.

    I know when things are good with him they’re probably really good. And those things you mentioned about him that you like are great, but none of them are applied to your relationship. That should be a wake up call.

    You deserve to be happy. As cliche as it sounds, there is a person out there that will make you feel that emotional safety that you’re craving.

  8. There's nothing you could do to work on yourself to accept that kind of news. It's wrong that your boyfriend even has sexual fantasies about your friends. I had a relationship a years ago and my boyfriend at the time told me he had sexual fantasies about threesomes with my friends too. I felt hurt and I couldn't look at him the same way without thinking about those words. I even considered having a threesome, not with my friends but with the girl he ended up cheating on me with. I was in the mindset of please him to keep him around. I'm not saying this is going to happen but you should never want to “work on yourself” for pleasing him and hurting yourself. I would honestly communicate how you're feeling sooner than later! That's what one thing I wish I knew in my younger relationships. That and having self respect for yourself. You clearly do as to why you're asking reddit!

    Today I communicated with my boyfriend that I feel more like a booty call than his girlfriend. He immediately responded telling me he was sorry he made me feel like that. Without letting me know, he took work off tomorrow. Now we're going to spend some quality time together that not just fucking in his bed, don't settle for less! I hope your boyfriend can learn how to respect you and your friends bc they'd probably feel uncomfortable with the fact your bf thinks about them in that way. He could have those thoughts if he wants but he doesn't need to share them with you. If he isn't sexually happy or whatever the case is, he needs to be up front and honest with you. Hope this helps!


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