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  1. My roommate is dating someone like this and he loses his temper at her so often, I'm worried about her mental and emotional health. No, it's not going to work. You will come to resent it and you will both suffer.

  2. Right? He's the bad guy even though he married and committed his life to a woman who only now realizes she's asexual?

    Reddit never fails to impress with their big brain theories. When it comes to marriage and sex, if it isn't her complaining about it, it's 100% not going to be validated on Reddit lol

  3. Never assume that something that seems obvious to you is obvious to everyone. You’re asking for problems if you do.

  4. Things are good for her. She cheats and you forgive. No consequences. This is your life. You chose this when you forgive a cheater the first time. They always cheat again.

  5. This was a comment I made on another post, and I'm sharing it here in case it feels relevant to you

    I think you should end the relationship because your partner is disrespectful to you

    His free time, and his ability to 'chill', to 'float through life without thinking about responsibilities' is based on you doing the mental load, and the physical work of cooking, cleaning, household management, and the emotional load of planning adult conversations about chores again and again and again and again.

    You have to be the sensible one, so that he can be the child. It's not right, it's not fair, and he disrespects you every single day he does not step up to join you in living adult life.

    In addition to this, his parents have expectations of you which are unfair.

  6. It’s not “giving you the world” to plan a date. That’s bare minimum to date someone. And asking for to make sure it’s known he only tolerates time with your family instead of actually trying to be part of it is a pretty big red flag. He’s not doing you a favour by interacting with your family. Again, that’s a bare minimum requirement of a partner.

    It’s manipulative to hear you giving him 2 very small things to improve in the relationship, then for him to make you feel bad for even bringing it up. Very immature behaviour all around from this guy

  7. They are 100% going to recognise the rug, so don't pretend you just happen to have similar. They threw it out for a reason, it'll have wear and marks specific to that reason, and to the furniture that's been sitting on it for years, and there's no way you cleaned it back to pristine retail condition.

    Just be honest. These are business clients, you don't want them having 5% of a suspicion that you might be lying or lying by omission.

    Just tell them, as a dog person, who also takes in dogs, dog accidents happen and you deal with that by always being on the lookout for cheap, second hand rugs you have the equipment to clean up, use for a year or two, replace when necessary, to protect your floors cheaply.

    They won't mind. They threw it out.


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