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10 thoughts on “Adalline online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Wow, he put so much effort and thought in basing of something he knew you cherished. Poor guy can’t win.

    For what it’s worth, my wife picked out her ring. Plus side, she got exactly what she wanted. Negative, says one of her biggest regrets was no surprise proposal. In that I don’t mean just hand it over, but she knew it was coming so didn’t get that moment.

  2. All I can say is that I would be extremely concerned if my best friend started dating someone nearly twice their age.

  3. I understand the other comments being made.. but triggered or not, I don’t think that excuses your ex from making nasty comments about your current gf.

  4. Don’t fall for this sort of apology.

    It will happen again.

    He needs therapy and lots of it. Tell your hubby to get out and share cost of living with your brother.

  5. While understanding this is difficult for you, stick with the therapy. Take the time you need to reflect and be able to articulate what’s going on with you and use that to engage in therapy as well as you possibly can.

    Things won’t just magically switch on again and be perfect, you have to work at it and that will take space for both you and your wife to decompress, process and see what happens.

    Maybe you’re not ready to resume intimacy, maybe that’s how your wife felt on the day but she’s since had a chance to think things through more, or maybe the relationship has run its course. But how would anyone here (as some random person responding to a few short paragraphs) be in a position to offer better perspective than a therapist.

  6. I wouldn’t ruin your work culture by going for it, you need distance from here until your feelings subside and maybe start dating other people once your ready


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