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Room for online sex video chat Adriana_soy

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Birth Date: 1998-04-22

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

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  1. I really should have said more, I didn’t mean it as a criticism, I was just making a guess. You may very well be right. I was only speculating because she asked. Maybe the girls she meets like her but don’t feel that interpersonal, I love telling you about my day, kind of connection. But I don’t know that it was just an idea.

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  3. You two have so much stress and I get it. The thing is, it's stressful for BOTH of you. How about marriage counseling? Do you have family that could watch the kids maybe twice a month so that you two can enjoy a date night? Maybe even for 24 hrs once a month. Doesn't have to be dinner or a movie. Just hanging out would be wonderful! A night in a cabin, a picnic, something to help you reconnect. Good luck to the two of you OP. I hope that everything works out for you. ❤❤

  4. I think him saying he would have messed up his entire life for Abby was meant as an acknowledgement of how toxic that relationship used to be. She clearly held all the power over him. And him saying he is more level headed with you is a way of saying your relationship is healthy, and he can just be himself.

    Thay being said, yeah, I can understand why the whole situation feels horrible. They got closure a long time ago, but for you this is all new and fresh information. I'm not sure what the best way to deal with this would be.

    People can have multiple loves in a lifetime, some better than others. Luckily your husband manged to shake a very passionate, but very toxic, relationship, and found a loving and warm relationship with you. Maybe you could try talking to him again about Abby, and how they used to be together? Something tells me their not fond memories for him, which might make it naked to bring up, but it feels like it's something you need to hear coming from him.

  5. Well said. Although she’s already causing herself damage by gaining weight. I’m a firm believer that for example food addiction should be treated as any other addiction, as in no one should deceive and enable their loved ones when it comes to any self-destructive behaviours. Even though I understand the nuances, I personally don’t like how obesity is treated as something ’unapproachable’ in the modern world. Nobody wins.


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