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Birth Date: 1994-08-25

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9 thoughts on “AestheticVlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You truly have no clue how men think clearly. Countless dudes and women both keep tibder around for validation,same for badoo, for attention and ego boosts, curiosity,like porn, only more interactive. No intentions to meet nor even exchange nudes. Anyone who does not know this has zero life experience and is a major beta weirdo or was born yesterday. Seriously, get a clue,people.

  2. Dump him immediately!!! He is abusive, he is coercing you and trying to force you into having sex even if you don't want to, this is sexual abuse

  3. Literally everyone is caring, funny, and loyal after only a couple months. It's not snobby to have standards and it's ok to position yourself in a way that might help you achieve your goals.

    Just because you vibe doesn't mean you're right for each other in the long run. I would break it off and find someone that has a similar timeline. Otherwise you're gonna be 33 with 2 kids and this dude is gonna be asking you to pick him up from his buddies house because he doesn't have the cash to take an uber.

  4. Everyone here has given great advice, but I want to chime in from a place of understanding:

    When you meet someone and feel like there's potential, it's beyond exciting. Sure, maybe one or two things feel “off”, but no one gets along perfectly all of the time, right? And people outside of the relationship – particularly on-line – can be so quick to suggest breaking up. I've personally struggled with that because while well-intentioned, I feel like it's an “easier than it sounds” solution that dismisses the positive aspects of the relationship and the heartache it might incur.

    With that said, the things he said are not just minor misunderstandings; they are legitimate red flags. I can't think of any friend or partner who would think it's appropriate when discussing boundaries to imply, “Well, I could have just assaulted you.” This is not a one-off. That's a very scary indication of how he views women, sex, and consent. Please know that there are good people out there who will have what you're looking for and treat you well. You deserve those things and you will find them, but from what you're telling us, you will not find them with him. Stay safe. ?

  5. Yeah thatโ€™s a good point, itโ€™s not good to waste time. I will do my best to stick to it, thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So, I checked your profile to try to better understand your situation, and you have a few suspecting an ex of being a narcissist. Obviously, neither of us are psychologists so there's no telling; but it's important to have a certain guard on our affections when someone gives us that impression. I'm saying that as someone with a different Cluster B personality disorder, when someone doesn't have object permanency it does tend to make them kind of unenjoyable easily, couple that with the toxicity and anyone would struggle knowing up from down being with that kind of person if they didn't understand why their partner was head over heels one day and treated you like you were the scum of the earth the next.

    If, as you try to analyze his whole being for the entire duration of knowing him, the idea that he has enough narcissistic traits that you would say that is his personality, if you are at all a healthy person, I would say let those feelings for him die. People can have somewhat satisfying relationships with people who have NPD; but they're not exactly the kinds of relationships that people write books about because it becomes a relationship where the person without the disorder has to basically kill the legitimacy of the things their partner says and since to a person with NPD everything is a transaction, anything you want from them has to be given to you before you give what they want. This is called radical acceptance, and it's what's recommended to abuse victims who will not under any circumstance leave their abuser, not great.

    Ultimately, don't feel like you need to act until you know what result you want. Where you're at right now is a fine place to figure things out, and if in that time your inaction causes him to be gone gone, that's just the problem sorting itself out.

  7. If you were my sister or friend, I would tell you to leave. I don't see this ending well. I'm sorry that your husband is doing this. If you're wanting to preserve your marriage – would he be willing to try couples counseling (not from a religious leader)?

  8. Living on the street is hardly a reasonable option especially with my child. I have to consider him so it's not an option and with no where else to go I'm not choosing to stay I'm stuck. Her claiming that I chose to stay was particularly bothersome because I asked her not to do it and she kept on.


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