Africanbellaa live! webcams for YOU!

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3 thoughts on “Africanbellaa live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Uh dude. “similar backround noise” means absolutely nothing. That doesn’t confirm it’s your ex. It could be her, but it’s a very slim chance. Besides she also doesn’t have a motive. She dumped you. She didn’t want anything to do with you anymore. I know you’re probably very curious to who this could be. I get it. I’ve been through something similar. But keep your options open instead of convincing yourself it’s your ex based on pretty much nothing.

    Anyway, I’ve had something similar happen before. You ignore them and give them as little attention as you can. Either don’t pick up the phone or when there’s silence you hang up after 10-15 seconds. Saying anything other then hello and waiting for 10 min is giving this weirdo exactly what they want. They get motivated from any attention. I can’t imagine waiting for 10 whole ass minutes.

  2. It's not about encouraging negative judgement, just being realistic about the nature of the beast. And sex work is far from risks, both psychological & physical. Unless you've got a really pressing reason to get involved in it (and maybe not even then), it's best avoided. I'm not sure how much you can really call it “real work” either, since sex work often lacks the hallmarks of legitimate jobs, such as declaring earnings and paying taxes, or even sometimes being legal (full-stop).

  3. Honey, you've given her 6 years of chances. I understand you care about her but she's every guy's nightmare. If you want things to work out, at least make her get a job. The easiest thing is to say I'm depressed and be on your phone all day. It's not fair that you're working your ass off and provide everything material for her and she can't even give you emotional support.


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