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  1. I think if you’ve lasted this long you’re ready! Maybe get some counseling and make sure she wants to get married first. All the best to you!

  2. They convinced by telling him how they have been cheated on. There is nothing wrong about telling friends about their problems and traumatic events.

    Do they believe every women cheat? Unlikely not sure where you have written that. They have learned to be distrustful and OP's husband got anxious, because has likely heard from his friends that they have also trusted their partners and thought they would never be cheated on.

    This might cost him this relationship, if that is what OP decides.

  3. You can’t tell by the texts what happened. Something did, and he’s lying about the unsent messages.

    Ask him what really happened. Next step is to corroborate with her. Get to the bottom of it. It’s fishy.

  4. Question. You list a bunch of things he stopped doing, all amounting to checking out from family life. So what DOES he do with all his time? Is he working extra? Traveling? Individual hobbies? Always hanging out with friends?

  5. Has he done something illegal? Taking his laptop on the other hand would be stealing, so I would not go to the police if I did that.

  6. It feels like if I carry on my mum won't ever want to talk to me again. And she's already telling my dad and bro that if I leave then they can't contact me


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