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  1. I have anxiety, and my fiance does not. I really think open communication is the only way to deal with it. Not really such a thing as too open with it as a lot of times anxiety can throw intense curve balls that can be aided immensely by an understanding support system. Can't have a solid support system without communication/a good understanding of what's happening to your partner.

  2. Facts I thought I was in crazy town , these subs are straight sexist because the hypocrisy is crazy. Bro has Snapchat person he hasn’t talked to in half a decade.

    She’s still talking to her ex that she knows quite well but he’s somehow in the wrong. She’s be manipulative because she insecure but comments are on his ass

  3. I would've used his sheets/towel/or his clothes to wipe HIS cum off my body before leaving and blocking him

    You deserve better come on

  4. Read carefully, I’m upset that she’s not listening to my perspective, I’m having doubts and I’m asking how to deal with it.


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