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  1. Classic American, christian values and old school can be some toxic shit bro. So who are people not well seen by your family and you apparently? And why are they not seen well? I mean besides ignorance. Different race, another female; let reddit know.

  2. Actually, in my opinion, I feel like being open about being concerned that he may not know what size you are and don't want to mislead him, in my opinion, comes from a place more of security and confidence… depending on how you get that across…

    Just tell him the truth, be honest. Be like, hey I gained weight and don't want to mislead you, since Ive heard others say I look different in person, Idk I just want to give you a heads up to clear the air on that if it's possible Ill look different in person

    Idk, that seems based more on what others have said though, you don't really have real evidence for that? If you have shown him full body shots then that's basically all you can do.

  3. You are getting handed all of the red flags on a red flag adorned silver platter after only 4 months ans you're entertaining the thought of marrying this guy???

    Run. Far away. Never look back. This guy will only get worse, much much worse.

  4. Time to move on! He’s not even considering your feelings about being the one IN that situation. He lacks empathy and has somehow made your past trauma about himself. You can find someone that shares the same values as you or stick with man child.

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  6. Wow and that’s a safe person to have around your daughter?!?? Your daughter will be blaming you in therapy in her 20s OP.

  7. He overheard a conversation with alarming implications and instead of asking himself why she would feel that way, what behaviors he’s exhibiting, or try to talk to her, he decides to sulk for several days and then leave in a huff because all he cares about is himself. But yep it’s definitely not OP who lacks nuance. He’s doing everything exactly right.

  8. This is a common myth. Being poly doesn't automatically mean free from jealousy. It just means you communicate it better and set boundaries.

    Also, people who are open or poly can also cheat, happened to me. When they lie about who they are with and what they are doing, actively hiding it, that is cheating.

  9. Not be her friend is a bit much. Letting her know you are tired about hearing about new shit guy and then watching her be crushed and dealing with the fallout is not working for you and if your gonna be friends she needs to stop dumping her self made bullshit on you.

    Second if it is bothering you that much I have a sneaky suspicion you have feelings and just don’t know it. Seeing these guys using her is bothering you a bit to much

  10. “Whether a bourgie broad, nerd hoe, street chick

    Don't call her wifey if you met her at the freaknick

    You don't want her, don't waste her time, I'll dupe her”

    -MF DOOM

  11. If she blacked out, remembers nothing but woke up with a sore vagina and no underwear then that is non consensual sexual activity aka rape.

  12. Nope not at all actually. I want to spend more time with her in general. Whether it be watching tv or just going for a walk.

    More than anything else it’s a lot traveling every other week (it’s really almost 2 months but still), plus I travel for work as well once a week on most weeks (consulting).

    Neither of us have ever done long distance before.


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