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  2. Idk you’re looking at it like she just unprompted decided to tell you about this crappy thing she did in the past.

    From my perspective she was conveying a threat “cheat on me and I’ll fuck your friends”

  3. You are already probably cheating on your partner by starting a flirtation/lust situation. Open relationship conversations are for LONG before you want to be fucking other people.

    And how will you feel when she has a variety of other sexual partners if she agrees to opening the relationship?

  4. No women report it and that’s why they are more than often the victims. The men who are abused rarely report it

    Not demeaning anyone who has been abused. My wife was abused before we got together. She still has issues with what she went through.

  5. I’d leave this relationship if it were me.

    If you aren’t doing that, I would insist that the chore contributions match the financial ones – if he’s paying 80% of the bills, he does 20% of the chores, and vice versa. I’d make a weekly chore spreadsheet where, every day, you initial any chore you’ve completed. Then, when he says you aren’t pulling your weight, I’d refer to the sheet. Point out that you’re doing 100% of the chores despite the fact that you contribute x% to finances. He can make vague accusations, but data doesn’t lie.

    But yeah – once you get to the point that you have to do that, you’re dealing with someone who is emotionally abusive, and it’s time to leave.


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