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  1. I don’t find this cheating and personally wouldn’t get upset, but I think this is more a boundary thing. Some female friends get dressed or hot around each other etc. and some don’t, he might think that crosses a boundary to see your friend hot. Is it probably not rational or from insecurities? Of course, but it seems he’s not cool with you seeing friends naked, so that’s gonna have to be a conversation on where those boundaries are. I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal unless you felt her up or something during it or touched them lol.

  2. Because you seem awful defensive of someone’s “right” to be unemployed and mooch of their SO. You could switch the genders and the story/judgement would be the exact same. This has nothing to do with hating men.

  3. So you took a gamble and bet on this guy being right for you.

    Everything you have said suggests he is not.

    So swallow your pride, save your dignity.

    We all make mistakes, love.

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  5. It could be a sign that she is cheating. Not saying she is, but it's a possibility.

    Alot of people who cheat tend to accuse their partner of being the one cheating.

    Speaking from personal experience.

  6. You have a lot of pie-in-the-sky plans, but what have you been doing for the last two years to make your dream and goal a reality?

  7. Please don't get back with him. This emotional whiplash is not good for you at all. He really needs to figure himself out before he gets into a relationship and you deserve better than being someone's emotional punching bag.

  8. Give away your turtle, don't hurt it! Animal cannot be evil, this notion is only for people. You are projecting your marital insecurities onto an innocent animal. Talk to your wife about this, go to couples counseling. Don't hurt the turtle, better give it away. I repeat, animals cannot be evil!

  9. Him being dependent on you emotionally is a really bad reason for staying. There seems to be nothing but unhealthy relationships happening in this post.

    The only person who can make changes happen aka give you two private time and ensure that there are boundaries, has put down a clear boundary – with you. He has said that he does not care about your needs or your anxiety, as his mother’s comfort is more important to him. He has no interest in compromises. You might be able to get private time for yourself, but your husband has already put his line in the sand. The only options that you have from here is accept that – maybe try to make the new life more bearable – or leave.

    I’d really deconstruct what is going on within you at this point, because staying for your husband’s emotional well-being isn’t a healthy way of going at the situation.

  10. All I'm asking for, is literally advice on dealing with what i admitted is MY PROBLEM. Hence the ask for ways to deal with MY fears while i give him the space i recognize he needs.

  11. The vast majority of women work, so we also provide – in addition to caring for the home and children (if applicable) which males do not do so much of the time. Protect against what… violence against women comes from a romantic partner or family. You are the ones we need protection from. Can personally attest to this

    Can women cheat since you aren’t actually as valuable as you claim?

    Monogamy is a mutual expectation. If you don’t wanna do it, don’t have that standard for another person

  12. So if anger like this is happening on a monthly basis, but your arguments don't always escalate to this level of anger, we can assume you're arguing more than once a month?

    That's already not normal or healthy even if you take the anger out of the equation for a minute. You shouldn't be arguing that regularly anyway. Add in the rage, punching his car, refusal to try therapy and you've got an extremely unhealthy, abusive situation here. You need to leave. Relationships are not supposed to be like this.


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