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10 thoughts on “AlexisBootie19live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Your kids will know that she hates them. There isn’t a compromise in this situation. She has to go…

    I will add that I have 3 children from my previous marriage, and am engaged now. My fiancé spends all the time he can with my children, even changing his work schedule to align better with having family time.

    Your girlfriend should be wanting to bond with your kids, not push them completely out of the picture.

  2. The leech part is the least of her issues. You absolutely do not have to tolerate abuse. Please get away from her. There is no limit to what someone like this would do to you. I don’t mean to be melodramatic but your life could be at risk. She could made false accusations against you. Abusers will never play by the rules. Do not have sex with her! Do not announce that you are leaving. Just make arrangements for safe housing and go. Does the university offer on-campus housing with a restricted entrance? Please, protect yourself and seek counseling and legal advice.

  3. Why would a more stable environment change her mind? There's still the medical risks, the lack of privacy, the pain, the constant responsibility, the noise, the gross stuff, the dynamic change that happens with many friends, the extra family visits so everyone can see the kid and not feel left out, how they'll be raised, the chance of the kid being born with a severe disability, the naked parenting conversations, and the list just goes on and on. Money doesn't fix any of that. A baby is an entire human being, who doesn't just stop existing at 18.

    You're asking her for too much. With kids, if it's not a “hell yea!” from both partners, it should be a hell no. She hasn't said “hell yea!”.

    You should start believing people off the bat when they tell you something like that. She knows her wants better than you do, and it was silly of you to think otherwise. With a 10%-20% chance, you're not looking at much of a chance at all. A 50%-50% chance is something I could understand being conflicted on, but 10%-20% doesn't sound like someone who wants kids. That might have only been left open in case of a relative's parent passing away, accidental pregnancy (each one is different), etc.

    People can change ther minds, and she likely realized that too, and maybe left it at 10% instead of 0%. She has lived her life since that first conversation, and so have you.

    Also, YES YOU SHOULD TALK TO YOUR PARTNER ABOUT YOUR CONCERNS! Find out today if you can. You both deserve to be happy.

  4. As a cis bi woman that was involved in a lot of LGBTQ+ drama no one can make drama as a gay man. I love you all for give me such joy. ?

    As for your team mate he sounds unbearable and so boring. I don't get involved with LGBTQ people when they're in this fase, the “everyone hates me and I have the right to say hateful things to everyone”. If he try to tell something or “expose” you guys just post (or tell him you will) the screenshot of him saying all cis gay man needs to die of AIDS this will shut up him really quickly.

  5. The might try to kxll her. I might sound dramatic but why the hell are they forcing her to go??? They're trying to off her without anyone knowing. She needs to get out and divorce his ass.


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