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  1. I really just think he shouldn’t be around the kids right now. I know people are going to hate me for this and say he’s going through a lot and needs to be with family, but this man needs help. And NOT at the expense of his children. Poor babies. I remember being scared of my dad, he was a great dad most the time but he would get angry and yell and throw things.

    Your kids are young and moldeable and your husband is showing them what is okay in a relationship, maybe talk to him about it. Remind him that what your daughter sees at home is what follows them for life, it shows her how she should let a man treat her and still call it love. Have a serious talk about how this isn’t behavior you’re willing to expose your children to. You say it isn’t often, but it’s impactful. My heart breaks for you and your children, but remember you have a choice. My dad was awful but I still blame my mom plenty for letting me be around him so much.

    I’m not saying take your kids and run for divorce, Im saying maybe it’s time to take the kids on a “vacation” while daddy has a “business trip” to therapy and anger management. Work on your relationship. Your husband is going through a lot and I am sorry for him, but that’s not an excuse to show your children that kind of rage. Maybe it would be good to show him some of the comments you’ve gotten.

  2. Does anyone know you are his girlfriend? It seems if they did, they would invite you too.

    Are you sure he's not out there living the single's life when socializing without you?

  3. She's been adamant that this is it. Like I said in the post; I saw the messages evolving from the scam by the “hiring company” to the representative reaching out to her.

  4. People here know how a work works? I think that is not so crazy to say that this is not an easy option for a lot of people.


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