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  1. Everything you currently perceive can be improved. You need to take the necessary steps to do so. Look up “The Art of Charm Toolkit” and listen to the podcasts in the playlist, starting at the beginning.

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  3. Are you under the impression that some random american speaks for the entire world?

    This is the internet, not the US sweety

  4. I (27F) had a friend who was in this situation for five years. Basically, her boyfriend only hung out with her on a scheduled day and that’s it. He never invited her to family events, social gatherings with friends, dates, etc. He also rarely came to anything she invited him to. I was actually friends with her boyfriend too (same friend group) and he never talked about her. Good or bad. Honestly, from the outside looking in, it didn’t even seem like they were in an actual relationship. Eventually, they broke up because she couldn’t handle it anymore. Currently, he’s with a different girl… and he behaves similarly with her as well. He barely ever sees her, and when he does, it’s on a scheduled day and that’s it. I’ve been to many parties/events where he’s there and she’s not. I don’t think he’s living a double life/is cheating. I just think he’s not fond of romantic relationships and that’s all he’s willing to offer in one. That’s probably the case with your boyfriend too. I wouldn’t stay in a relationship like this as it seems extremely unfulfilling.

  5. Dude. You know the answer. Break up ASAP. 20/21 is no age to be fucking around with situations that don't jive for you.

    Roll forward 10 years, and think about this. Will this ever be an anecdote you'd find fun, or amusing? How would you feel having others talk about the time your loved one decided to have her own personal Rumschpringe.

    Life is about setting boundaries. If you're posting here, I suspect this crosses a few of yours.

  6. But instead of just feeling that way naturally, she LIED and cheated on you to come to that conclusion.

    She cannot be trusted.

  7. This guy is a shitty parent. I suspect that the kid doesn't get much attention from his parents and now that younare around he is getting zero attention from Dad since you are getting it.

    Leave. Tell the dad that his kid needs his attention. Not women. Tell him it is time to get his head out of his ass and give his kid the attention he needs.

  8. I mean you decided to catfish the guy for a reason so some part of you is worried. Was this simply bc he is using her pic on a dating site?

    If she was 'caressed' while drunk and sitting next to a friend, it is possible she thought he was being friendly…an arm rub or a leg pat wouldn't necessarily seem sexual to her at the time. Also, she doesn't have to report the entire guest list to you, right? She went with the other friend so that's why you knew about her.

    It's clear that he is interested in her but for now, you should just keep your awareness level high and maybe act a bit more coldly towards him so he knows you are onto him. Also, you can maybe ask mutual friends opinions on what they think to get a better picture.


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