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10 thoughts on “Alice Shazaham live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Yes. I’m used to that. It happens sometimes. I’m looking for advice on the next step! Of course emotions run high during sex, now what do I do?

  2. If your girl doesn't care, and her teammates don't care: what's the problem? Do you think because of getting changed your girl is brainwashed to jump guys and distract their semen? Or do you think that a guy all of a sudden feels the urge to do something to your girl? Just because they're in the same room? I seriously don't see the problem, your girl and her teammates also. Seems to me you need to think differently

  3. it's not just about cleaning habits, it's about all aspects of their personality.

    A person doesn't change, not really. they can work on themselves if it's what they really want but ultimately changes made for others never stick.

    I dumped so many potential boyfriends because I didn't like what I saw. I refuse to settle when it comes to make it or break it issues.

    The last one told me it would be perfect! Maybe he could be the one to make me slow down (I am very active and always on the go with projects) and I could make him speed up (lazy couch potatoe man). I rolled my eyes, it doesn't work that way, you either want to be active because it's good for you or you don't, if you do it for someone else then you just end up resenting the person forcing you to do it. Another time a dude told me when he found out I didn't date smokers (they stink, sorry not sorry) that I could be the reason he quits!!! (OMG SO LUCKY!!!!!)

    Just like you forcing her to clean and her forcing you to on-line in a landfill. you need to figure out what is a “ok I can live! with this” and what is a “nope, unsubscribe” to you in relationships.

  4. Oh my god when I first started reading I just kept thinking “please like OP back, please like OP back” and by the end I had a massive grin on my face.

    I think it's safe to say she likes you back ?

  5. Why wouldn't you be included in the group chat? That's just bizarre. Your friend doesn't sound very reliable or friend like. I'd straight up ask her to include me.

  6. The fact that you even offered to come back if he doesn’t feel comfortable after a year and he still didn’t agree proves that he’s just using you tbh. Very AH of a person

  7. I feel like there are a few ways you can handle this… With your friend group, remain non-committal. “Sorry guys, your guess is as good as mine as to who it is!” Continue handling things in that manner, and hope that they stop bothering you.

    Or, if you are comfortable, you could reach out to the guy that disappeared, without telling anyone in your friend group. Tell him you heard one of the anecdotes, and it reminded you of an old friend that disappeared, who you and your friends have always wondered about. Make it clear that you aren't asking him to confirm anything, nor threatening to “out” him (for lack of a better term). Reaching out doesn't hurt, and in a case like this, no response from him is still a response!


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