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  1. Please keep leaving. You seem absolutely lovely. This man thinks he has you pinned to the wall and can finally reveal his evil. I worry for the kids.

  2. Yea do this ! Even if he has nothing cause he’s a dead beat. Once he does have something it’s rightfully yours

  3. Your gf is not a MMA opponent. Once you had shown her that she was less powerful than you you should have let go ( 15-20 seconds was more than plenty to show her). Showing her is not an asahole move but doing it for MINUTES, so long that she was crying and looked terrified makes YTA. The second she stated being uncomfortable you should have just stopped. As a woman who knows how to fight ( BB in karate obtained at 45), you treated her with no respect. You will have to do a lot of self introspection to understand why YOU needed her to tap out/surrender… YTA


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