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  1. She lying… I’m sorry that your going through that but she’s lying to u and don’t rage please or act out in frustration which I know u are. Just stay calm and get to packing

  2. i know that he sends huge amounts of money to his family (his parents, aunts, siblings). at first i admired this about him bc i was thinking „wooow he is helping them.. he is generous“ blah blah. he also told me that after we get married, he would start saving money (for our future) and stop giving it all away. he occasionally “treats” himself by buying something for himself (which is normal). but i don’t think it’s normal that i’m paying everything on my own

  3. I'm just super curious… What is the thing that makes a threesome better than a twosome? Like, I can understand a foursome (in theory)

  4. As I said. She is happy with the acts of service. I said that and asked about the physical touch. If she is happy. Then maybe you can believe me in that?


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