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  1. Breast feeding usually helps children. Maybe it’s the same with a man-child

    Just tell him if he wants to enjoy the privileges of a girlfriend and cuddles, sex and fun time that he should stop being dependent on his parents. Usually horniness and emotional attachment to a girl helps a man to escape the shackles of adolescence and grow up and change.

  2. Imma be real, this is usually one of the themes that crop up with age gap relationships. It either involves the older person being predatory and manipulative, or the younger person seeking out money. Like…every time.

  3. Yeah but like… 25 years of deprogramming? What happened when her husband was 14 (25 years ago?) that he needed deprogramming? Her comment was literally gibberish with no context provided.

  4. It sounds like he's not over his exes and is also suffering from a case of “dumb & insensitive”. Tell him that you're sick of hearing about his exes all the time and that if he can't stop talking about them to you and your friends, then you're going to leave him.

  5. Is he in good shape? I have a male friend who is very proud of his physique and literally takes any opportunity to take off his shirt to show off. Maybe this is the case with him and it has nothing to do with you in a romantic way

  6. Same same same. Similar situation, exact same outcome. Turns out, public humiliation is a big f-ing red flag. Weird, right?

    Consider my lesson learned. For as long as I live, I will never again be with a person so insecure that they would join a group in bullying me.

  7. Jake sounds like a nice guy. Get to know him, see if there is chemistry and judge for yourself.

    Brad on the other hand sounds like a jealous bully. Just based on how he's speaking about Jake I'd distance myself from him. I'd tell him Jake seems like a nice guy and thet you are getting to know him on your own terms. It's none of his business who you get with or don't. If he tries bullying you for dat8ng Jake then call him out and cut him off. And don't share much with your bff, it might give this idiot ammunition.

    There may come a time when you have to sever some relationships. My advice is life is short. Stick with friends who are kind, supportive and build people up. Don't waste time with the bullies.

  8. It's not a plot twist. It is the same old bullshit. He just wants to keep you quiet for another two years. After that, he will do the same thing. You are NOT TA, he is. Look, nobody is every 'ready' to have kids, or ever has 'enough money' to have kids. I am a guy, but if I were in your place, I would just tell him two more years is not acceptable, and tell him you hope he has a nice life, but it just won't be with you.

  9. That’s… not a friend. Baby names are generally first come first serve. My sister in law just had a baby boy in March, I’m also pregnant and due in September. She used my first choice boy name and when I joked about it, she just said, well there’s no reason we can’t have two of them. It’s just not a big deal and she’s weird for making one out of it


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