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12 thoughts on “AlinaCumlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. A nice way to start off would actually be to show her this post. You clearly value her as a human, and it shows your vulnerability, which displays a refreshing strength inside you. You’re also trying to be thoughtful even after all this time – I say 5 stars go for it, and letting her know you feel kind of wonky about how things were left is a good idea too.

  2. Why on earth does your wife have a best friend? You are her husband. Which means you are her best friend / lover — anything else that is said is completely disingenuous.

  3. He is trying to baby trap u.

    get tf away from him.

    he is lying and what he did is NOT okay

    he violated u and this is a form of assault. 1000000% he knows what he did.

    end it and try not to date anyone near his age for a few years.

  4. The argument you describe him making is alarming. It contains some red flags for controlling behavior.

    The biggest is that he makes you feel like a child who needs permission. I cannot stress to you how unhealthy this dynamic is. Your bf or so is NOT your parent. You are their equal partner with a say in your life and shared ventures.

    If he continues to be unwilling to compromise with you, you absolutely do NOT move in with him. You are an adult. You no longer have to obey the people you live with.

    You do not have to accept his no as the final word. He is not your father. This isn't his house, his rules. If you pay rent you have a say in your home. I suggest moving in with roommates and dispalying your horses in your bedroom!

  5. My thoughts exactly. I feel like if I say something to either of them I look like an insecure little (female dog) and I don’t want that.

  6. I'm sorry for your loss (the husband you thought you had as opposed to the one that revealed himself). At least you know now instead of it possibly being one of your children and can best plan how to approach this.

  7. I don’t see why me asking this question makes me immature. I asked if getting a hotel for sex is worth it being fwb.

    I don’t know how you get that I don’t seem to get the notions you of friends or fwb based on this question. I come across as petty, immature and demanding because of this question? You’re the one with issues if you’re judging me based on a question about getting a hotel.

  8. This is why you talk about stuff instead of moving in after a week and getting married within a year. You don’t really know your wife and you are just getting to know her now.

    Was your first child planned? You seem very negative about having kids for someone who had a child.

  9. This is a tough one.

    Question, did she know you had finished because you got too excited and that’s why you needed a bit lit longer ? If she didn’t, she might have taken you being soft as her not being attractive enough because she wasnt able to get you naked. I know that’s not fair, but sometimes our minds aren’t kind to us. Saying you needed longer can feel like a big rejection as someone with trauma like hers.


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