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  1. You have to decide what you are ok with. None of our opinions should matter if you are really ok with it. The fact that you are here suggests you aren't though.

    As for me, bisexuality is no excuse to get into monogamous relationships and ask to cheat. I vote you give her what she wants and as soon as she is done you can send her a text with her second present. Her freedom, because obviously she needs that more than you.

  2. Oof. When I started reading, I was like ‘Ok, this is an age where some people hit a turning point and start acting like grownups, maybe some serious conversations will do it…but the list just got too long. Like, if he had a disgusting apartment and a dead end job he was responsible at, that could be fixable. Or a dead end job he slept through but a solid plan to advance his career, sure. Or if all this was true but he was saving money and slowly improving in some ways. But what you have here is a complete failure to grow up, and the only way he possibly could would basically be if you dragged him along every little step of the way. Is that what you want for your future? Or do you want someone as grown up as you, who has their limitations but also strengths, challenges you to better and builds a life beside you as an equal partner? I understand that you love him but I think it’s time to end things.

  3. I grew up with 5 sisters and 3 older than me. They were very protective and vice versa. I know their struggle, I accept the fact that I can’t understand it completely but I m sure that it has nothing to do with bashing a wounded man asking advice

  4. Oh she knows (my mental health professional).

    As much as you want to convince me I should be locked up in a psychiatric ward for this, i know that it’s actually more uncommon to NOT say I love you after 1/2 a year of dating… and feeling sad and abandoned by your partner, friend, parent is also a normal response for people when they are ignored for days.


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