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  1. Well, if he's willing to change this shouldn't be a problem – but the thing is that he's not.

    Otherwise he would immeditately have stopped flirting with other people as soon as you mentioned it.

  2. And you don't know that one guy who loves his team, avidly follows them, goes to every game, buys the shirts, talks about them when he can?

    She loves Disney. You know this. She's 31. She's not growing out of it ('growing out of things' is such a weird thing anyway). You either let her have her perfectly normal hobby obsession, or you part ways if it really bugs you.

  3. Some people feel so insecure about themselves they need to crush every happinness one may have.

    Or they just don't want anyone else to be happy but themself.

    Once my boyfriend was happy about seeing some very old wine bottle papers hidden in the wall while they were doing renovating the house. After seeing my boyfriend' excitement, he took the wine papers from his hands and destroyed them. For what? I really don't know. Reminds me of that. He didn't like my boyfriend to be happy it seems.

  4. Call her by a name that isn't hers, maybe like…. “S'lf Shtwit” and never talk to her again?

    Or, perhaps…. maybe this person needs to stop being petty and realize that her anger over a name, is projection of her own shortcomings (the fact that she doesn't have a prospective child or partner) and she's getting close to the danger zone of viable pregnancy.


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