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  1. He may care, but some people suck at showing they are interested and concerned, and it can be really very hot to help them see outside of that. I think you should talk to him about it and let him know that it feels like a relationship ender. Maybe he'll surprise you, but be aware it is likely to happen over and over. I know from experience.

  2. You are absolutely right. We have had the convo several times and I did contemplate breaking up (for other affection things related). We talked about it and fixed everything except from the kisses. That's what makes me think he's honest and loves me. Just doesn't like it. And now that the other things are fixed I know I want to stay together

  3. It sounds to me like he’s taking advantage of your kindness. Not everyone has the same heart as you. It seems he’s complacent because you do everything for him, so why change? Id say have a serious discussion and if he makes the conscious effort to work on the relationship and not fall back into his own ways, then great. But from my experience people do not change unless they want to. I know 10 years is a lot but you need to be happy to not just on-line to make him happy.

    You need to live! your life to the fullest and he should be on your side for that. If he’s draining you of all your energy it doesn’t seem like a relationship to stay in — imo! Hope this was helpful.

  4. She is not managing her health well. She cannot be a good partner ro you.

    You cannot be her care professional. You cannot suffer through hoping you can eventually convince her to take better care of herself. You have to leave.

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  6. “I decided to hide it (…)” – that might be the main reason she didn’t take it well.

    Granted, she might have felt insecure regardless with your girl best friend being someone you had sex with BUT the fact you lied is much worse. The trust is broken.

    Don’t really know what advice to give you but I wanted to say I understand where your gf is coming from.

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  8. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 years. We’ve had our fair share of fights and low blows. Never once have we gone after the other persons physical appearance. That’s so low and fucked up of a partner. And you guys aren’t even arguing! This is him at his “best”. What a jerk. You need none of that.

    Sure. I’m sure my partner wishes I had a bigger ass. Welp! I don’t. Sucks to suck, eh? If that’s a deal breaker for him he can find someone else. You can too. Cause you’re just carrying around 150 pounds of extra ass currently. Drop it.

  9. Sorry not yelling arguing.

    Why do you get mad when she says something unpleasant about you when you did something to warrant it. Your actions do have consequences. And you switching up after you aren’t getting the attention you want won’t make it any better.

    And you aren’t stopping because you make a fool out of yourself. You stop because you lazily tried and have you really fast.

  10. Yeah she's being a pushfart, she thinks she behaves in the most perfect way for her bf, which is fine for them but she's not you. Her stuff is a bit OTT, yeah taking them a cake or something back after you had a meal is cute but balloons and stuff just cos he went away over night is a bit much, Jesus what would she do if he was away a fortnight lol

  11. For a fresh perspective: imagine anything but her beauty.

    Her cooking. Imagine if you had to say anything not cooked by her tasted unpalatable.

    Her music. No, love, only your violin by itself is music to my ears. All other instruments or musicians are rubbish.

    Her voice. Please, take the phone. There is a woman calling and her voice is terrible.

    My wife would have been happier if I looked like John Travolta, and I'd be over the moon if she looked more like Jessica Alba. So very glad we are much more concerned about other things, because neither of us look like movie stars of any type.

    Imagine your wife stretching it to non humans. “What do you mean that puppy is cute?!”

  12. TRUST YOUR GUT! You know exactly what she intends to do and hide it. That's is so obvious to everyone and you should be aware as well? No, if your not happy, move on no point continuing this relationship on as she obviously does not respect your relationship and actually already has someone else lined up for fun at night. If she wanted a long term relationship she would not be looking elsewhere which she obviously and only see's you as FEB?

  13. If your father and stepfather can both agree to act cordially towards each other during the reception, you can start the dance with your father, and then have your stepfather cut in at a designated point in the song.

  14. You getting downvoted but you’re right. The drama this would ensue could be a shitstorm of epic proportions that you genuinely don’t want to deal with, especially if your ‘friend’ is so willing to give her rude opinion about something that doesn’t even concern her.

    Just drop and ghost.

  15. Stay out of it. Nothing positive can come from you meeting her for a talk.

    Perhaps you should be talking to your bf and asking why he stays in a situation as an adult where he is treated like a child.

  16. You’ve dated 3 weeks. He raised the topic right off the bat. If this is such a hugely upsetting deal for you, stop dating him.

    People who have to “hate” every ex and erase them entirely are immature. He sounds emotionally mature, kind, and truthful. This is a you problem.

  17. So, since this argument…has he scrubbed a toilet, mopped the floors, or done the dishes without being prompted? Actively seen a chore that needed doing and then did it without expecting praise?

    If not…this is emotional abuse. He played the divorce card, then uno reverse, bought some flowers and cooked a meal, and flounced back to the life he had before. Where you did all the chores, worked, and went to a school where you transferred because he didn’t like living near your dream school.

    He’s going to do this again.

    Leave now.

  18. he wants to come and bring the kids

    Aka he gets a vacation because you'll obviously be the one to watch the kids regardless.

    or come with me and leave the kids at home and turn it into a him and me thing.

    Aka he gets a vacation because the kids literally won't be there, so he won't even need you to watch the kids.

    Both situations above are aka he's too incapable and lazy to babysit i mean parent his own kids, therefore he always has the comfort in knowing you watch them”.

    When I try to argue or veto it, I get treated like I'm trying to be sneaky.

    While this could always be the possibility of him projecting his own cheating, I honestly think it's simply him trying to guilt trip you into staying.

    Husband: Oh so you're not being sneaky? Prove it. Stay here/let me come with you.

  19. Seconding this. The smaller issue here is that the two women are rude and not good friends, but they were also put in an awkward position of having to throw someone they don’t know that well a bachelorette party. The larger issue is.. why doesn’t your fiancee have any friends? Sure she had a bad childhood or whatever but what about the other 20-ish years? Has she never had any close friends?


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