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Ally and Mia, y.o.


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Ally and Mia on-line sex chat

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  2. You’re right not to trust him. The fact he still thinks it was an ok thing to do seals the deal on that. It’s inexcusable and he’s unwilling to admit it. Highly unlikely he would have told you if he didn’t get caught. You have a decision to make, that may be a little easier knowing he’s not taking responsibility.

  3. The way I do my math, give yourself up to double the time you dated to heal. Just a three month relationship? Give yourself six months. After that, get back up on the horse. It's still fresh, have a little grace with yourself. In time you will feel better.

  4. fb is so far from the truth on some peoples lives its not even funny. They use it as a way to show off as much as they can but oddly enough, its those people that are suffering more than most. All the women that write in the comments “gorgeous” “you go girl” etc its actually ridiculous. Ive seen 400lb woman have “gorg” written on a terrible pic. She looked more like she was ready to Gore someone lol!

  5. Well good for her for talking to you about it but my gut says there is probably more to it. The fact she hasn't shut down all unnecessary interaction with hi is telling.

  6. It’s a behavior called hoovering. It sucks you back into interactions with him. Tell him you no longer wish to be contacted, then block him on every app, including linked in and any email addresses he knows about. Block his number so he can’t text you. Let your family know the relationship is over so they shut him down when he contacts them.

    I had to deal with a similar situation with a guy that age. Close every line of communication or he’ll keep doing this.


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