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  1. how did he act like a “fucking baby” because he walked away when she was acting petty and rude? Sounds like thats the smart choice instead of argueing with someone. If she forfeits but still plays the game hows that his fault? She could have just left the game but instead decided to play then be a petty shit in a comment back to him. You strictly blame him when shes just as much to fucking blame here

  2. Conservative small cities are usually good places for child abusers. Look at the catholic church. Look at the Duggars.

  3. Yeah. I was only visiting the city. I met up with her a year later since she’s the only one I knew here and we had so much fun that night and after I moved here. Also my partner and I are kind of open/fluid, we flirt with people a lot so it wasn’t any different to me. He also lives in another country and I trust him greatly so I guess it wasn’t something I cared to worry about. In hindsight, I definitely sound dumb.

  4. You gotta respect some things when you love someone. Some things mean more to you than it means to him and this obviously means a whole lot to him.

    Ask him to explain but do not say no in the end. He’s giving you a free pass to make any request. This is life. We humans are complex but we support each others vulnerabilities.

    My experience. I’m just married ten years. It’s not much but relationships are meant to keep alive through love and love involves sacrifice especially when it’s a big deal for someone.

    If something ACTUALLY matters for you regarding this topic, then negotiate those aspects but respect peoples boundaries.

  5. This relationship is over. You might as well start sleeping with other women too. Disassociating sex from feelings is just to complicated and messy for most people. Move on.


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