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  1. I'm glad your husband isn't abusive. I would still encourage you to have your own savings separate from your hubby- even just in case something happens to him, or the card, or the phone, etc.

  2. If my partner slowly ramps up their aggression, and I forgive it and waive it off as playful behavior as it gets worse and worse how do I catch this?

    Your answer is in your question, dude.

    What you're describing is exactly how abusers operate. They need to find a partner who's willing to be a victim.

    So the abuser does something crappy to their partner, and if the partner shows they will accept it, that's a green light. The abuser does something else, and something else, and something else, and it's a combination of testing the partner — how much abuse are they willing to take? — and getting the partner used to accepting more and more abuse — “Okay, they used to act annoyed when I told them to shut the fuck up but now they don't even notice it anymore, they think it's normal.”

    When your partner does something that makes you uncomfortable, instead of ignoring it or rationalizing it or getting annoyed but then forgetting about it, stand up for yourself: “Look, I'm not okay with being treated like this. I need you to understand that.” And then if they keep doing it, you need to believe what they're showing you, which is that this is not going to stop even though you have made clear you don't like it, and be willing to end the relationship. As long as your policy is to accept the poor treatment by continuing the relationship, you will be vulnerable to people who are looking for willing victims. Saying you don't like it but staying in the situation is accepting it. Demanding an apology every time but staying in the situation, knowing there will be a next time, is accepting it.


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