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  1. I agree it’s a huge accusation and I totally need to do more digging. The rumour started not just cause they’re so close but the way in which they’re close, they do typical “date” activities together which I know is a pretty surface level judgement but he pays for her meals and they go out to the bars and dance together, stuff like that. Everyone that doesn’t know they’re cousins immediately assumes they are romantically together and with time the people that do know they’re related have also started to assume they’re a couple. I used to think that was really funny until I just sat there and considered all the odd stuff they do.

  2. Talk to a family law attorney in your area; not Reddit. That will help you understand options and risks, based on local laws and norms, and the specifics of your case.

  3. Please don’t feel guilty as others have said, his actions are not your fault.

    If he does wake up, and I hope he does for his children’s sake, don’t let guilt about this situation fog your judgment, this isn’t a healthy dynamic, none of it.

    I’m sorry his ex wife dumped those things on you. Don’t let anyone guilt you, this is not your fault, he’s not well. And I hope one day his ex and her family will realize how inappropriate that relationship was, you were 21 when you two got together and he was 32. You were so young and clearly in an unhealthy relationship so I hope they can be a little kinder one day.

    I know this is all so confusing and emotional, so I’m sending you love. I hope he improves for the kids and let’s you move on in peace and that you realize this isn’t your fault, it never was


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