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  1. IMHO, he's just shown you that *he* isn't husband material at all.

    Just be you. Be happy, be confident, live your best life. Be able to take care of yourself. Know and be adept at life skills, including financial literacy. Have something (or two or three) that makes you happy, that you look forward to doing. Have a good group of friends who truly love you and who will have your back in good and especially during difficult time.

    I've never been wife material, either, until I met the husband. We fit. We're not conventional, but we make our relationship work through the ups and downs.

    What you have to really think about is not how to become wife material, but what kind of life and what kind of relationship you want to have, and what kind of people you and your eventual SO would have to be to make this happen. Also keep in mind the qualities that you'd like your SO to have.

  2. Lesson, don't let things like this rest, as hot as it is, you should have spoken about it calmly before you went out. Not accusing her, just wanting to know.

    I don't get why you're on the couch. Unless your discussion was less a discussion on your part and instead something more mean. All you can do is apologise and commit to being more transparent and honest, even when it's naked.

  3. This isn't the love of your life nor a good man, I'm so sorry for your loss your only 25 and going through so much my only real advice is focus on your kids and your own physical and mental health.

  4. She didn’t WANT a new car! She likes her car. She does have kids. None of this is her responsibility. And kicking her out of her room when she was paying rent is not only selfish and ridiculous, it’s probably illegal. Rent = tenant.


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